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lemmen86t hasnt got abrasions on the sides...these are def lemmen 70u.
u guys are great. thanks! those looks nice...but probably not as nice as the highelin..
you should size down 1 in these or they will run loose.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ginger Highelin U9 http://tw.f2.page.bid.yahoo.com/tw/auction/b30175078 http://item.rakuten.co.jp/shooting/eng-pt-008/ Highelin U7 http://item.rakuten.co.jp/shooting/10000012/ he wear it too baggy I dont suppose you can get images for the MEL too?
8bd is 100%cotton no stretch fabric but it does stretch out quite a bit and its kinda loose so may need to size down...i know kycut 8bd requires sizing down one atleast.
thanks! the U9 dont look like denim though...are they?
the highelin u9 is indeed friggin sweet...are they thick denim with paint on them? Are the denim soft? I love the Highelin u7 and the Highelin u7 but the price...i dont like =(. Have you seen them in person?
yes these run one size big...if you like them really snug you can go two sizes. these are good price and they have zipper back pocket along with the jewel zipper puller with zathan71j design...a must have.
can anyone tell me what mel or highelin look like?
i can get hold of the timmen 88s sz 30 but i think its a better deal if you pick them up from maxim vicky...maybe a better choice as they are from Spain.
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