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its doozy71j... there were already lambry and keate in 71j for ladies
i saw some photos for fw07 collection... didnt see a 713 though. Saw viker71j with a new dragon stitch in the back...timmen8bk, doozy71 but a shitload of fw06 such as clush8aa, viker71b. I wonder if they are remaking the old cuts/washes cos they ran into a dead-end and desperate to try and get their sales/status in the market back...
no 71j or 88s =(
try the YMCA International or Salibury. Book it through hotels.com. You get quite a good rate if you book a little advance.
those are koffha 87k
1> Backler or/and Quratt 2>8BS, 8bm, 8ab .. they feel equally the lightest wash. 3>Timmen 4>Moorix 5>Reckfly8bg 6>non kapito
meesal 772 is supercool though..
euro hem them all unless they are 88z.
Any clue whats the wash code of the last straight morris with patches on them?
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