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no, you need to size down one for these...if you like tight fit go down 2 sizes.
just got these...8AT is dope on slickap
Joyze is one of the new ladies cut...similar to kinkey combined with Revick. Nice. Saw some new Thanaz wash in a wash that looks like a 8EV with 61E effect...and plenty more of boring stuffs from diesel.
105 is about size 36..going for 80 bucks.
Our local store have some ETY belt in black size 95, 100, 105.
Anyone seen this? Would like to have some input. From the price im told they should be something special.
Friend of mine looking to order some TR for the first time in his store and is wondering what are the best looking/selling model/wash at present. 3 for men 3 for women. Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by Aarendil lol makes me think that sometimes (I said sometimes!lol) I wish I were a girl: NEUF Jeans DIESEL mod. RONHAR w. 26/32 (col. 70L) en vente sur eBay.fr (Achat de l'objet 200093556319 - fin le 05-Avr-07 00:36:50 Paris) A lot of smaller guys is perfectly suitbale for Ronhar...esp the 70L. They actually looks like they were made for men with smaller built. Looks like a lemmen or so but with a bootcut. Go for it.
those are yarik 71v,,,
Quote: Originally Posted by Evil-Dante Do you have a link ? I received the photos from a supplier...he doesnt like seeing his material on the internet though, sadly unable to share but pretty sure you'll see them soon on some germans retail site.
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