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the second one is fake
Quote: Originally Posted by csirip not really. for distressed washes, diesel is alright... but i like what april 77 has been doing lately. rather than adding a few extra lines across the lap of their jeans, and calling it a new wash, they've been using different fabric blends (viscose/rayon/resin/etc) and colors/patterns (neons, animal prints, metallics) each season. i personally find that much more interesting, but, well, i guess it depends on what...
the wash is very nice...in person. There was some Loopy special in this wash and was the best seller...the price is good too.
For 5 bucks thats all you get...=)
Any idea what 8GZ, 8GB, 61X looks like? Their MSRP is crazy...even higher than these 71j.
this is the badge i was trying to describe. your gonna get few other articles featuring those badge
next collection will have leather badge on the back with diesel industry written in a classic style...i dont know how to describe it better but if these are it then it may just mean those are new collection items...not fake.
larkee 8AT, 88z and next collection a 72H.
italians are quite lazy...and even more tricky. people on ebay.it sells a lot of goods without actually carrying stock so maybe he's trying to get the size you need from his supplier?
i wouldnt get those. there is a new grey wash for FW which looks much much better and is called a 72C. in the mean time get some cheap monday.
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