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imo 72D is pure ugly
the back pockets of these looks different from the other slammers in the past. Photo is available on Diesel website. Price is = 61X.
We have Doozy 71j 25"x32" ....sellin them for $229 shipped
j72 is old. the new 772 is 71F.
FYI they also come in Thanaz...curious to know if they have a dragon ass but judging from the price they are not going to be special.
Diesel Jeans
We need pictures!!
IF you like clush the 8DA has so much more detail with zipper back pockets
In my country, you can get them from the Diesel shop and they are free!!!!
My local store has a last pair of matic 71R and the size is 26x34. Let me know if i can be of help.
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