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as far as i know there will also be a paddom71j...atleast for european market. clean pockets. there will also be a new style with the wash similar to the safado denimgallery someone posted a pic up in the earlier page and these jeans will come with some sort of keychain ... sort of lke the levan denimgallery we had year ago or so...
our local stores have these from 25 upto 29 but only 34length. let me know if anyone is interested. they also have them in 8CT(quite cheap) and 8DK
the guy in prison break was wearing these
matic 8aa is a delicious cut but have a change...go for something like Ksubi/Cheap Monday jeans...
take the evening train and you'll be there in the morning...fresh. www.trenitalia.it I must tell you from train station its hard to get around without a car. it's a suburb and you only have option of expensive taxi or crazy bus driver who do not speak english.
These stamps are marked by company for clients who buys from them discounted merchandise from previous collections. Diesel wants to have a way in being able to track that these merchandise actually go to the retailer who purchase them and not being wholesale by that particular retailer. If you actually take this number(which i imagine will be marked on most of the jeans he is listing now) and go to Diesel Raul's supplier could be in a big trouble. The number goes on...
wash is amazing. retails Euros250-280
the 8BF isn't a very nice wash. Go for 81M if you want something light.
these came out F/W 2006. I dont know why they are putting them out again. they are nice but nothing like thanaz71j that needs to be reproduced
if you notice the tightness of the jeans changes with different inseams.
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