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Thanx, nice pics
Studio photo of 834F  
First they created the "hype" called the blue eyecons. They made few outstanding washes in the first couple seasons, but then its maybe the time to use that "special line" just for normalish looking jeans and make the customers believe that there's still something Special about them? I dont think these new BE's take 4 days to make... or so I guess its all about the marketing tactics etc. But I dont want to judge them before I See and Feel the Denim in real life, not just...
This is Country related offer, not for all
Wash code and material is most important, and accurate "real life" pictures is always +
My experience is 811P runs a tiny bit longer than some other thavars, but I havent done any real measuring
There's a Waykee Jogg Jeans available http://shop.diesel.com/waykee-joggjeans-0605x/00S8W80605X.html   Waykee is a straight cut, pretty close to Larkee, but not exact the same.   Sadly jogg jeans are very expensive, kinda overpriced line from Diesel. And they dont put them on the sale like they do for every other jean.
Probably gonna be something like this, not my cup of tea necessarily                    
Also Thavar 816K from last season is a nice wash, mid blue though  
I like Scotch&Soda, Zara's velour Jeans are great alternative for Diesels Jogg Jeans, Nudies and Levis does have some nice cut and washes also but are more classical than Diesels washes.
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