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krayver 827X
I would size up. 880i is uncomfy, if too tight
Still got these! Great summer HIGHTOPS 100% leather (rubber sole)
Thanx Rebons,   lots off great stuff, you must work for diesel right :)?
Thanx ArtNouveau, I have also been looking 828F but havent find L30 nowhere.
 Well this is a rare pair, do you have any other Krayvers? how would you compare the fit with these 827X's?
Update:   This pair of TEPPHAR fits more like size 30x32. And the fit is little bit tighter than "normal" tepphars.   Measurements:   waist = ~41cm inseam = ~85,5cm whole lenght = ~111cm
Yest its 823i, fits TTS, I have these
Nice Fit nickma, is 833Z worth of blue eyecon label? How's the denim quality? thick medium or light? might crab these from the sales  
Selling lightly used (3-4 times) Diesel J-HOLLIS Jacket.   Size L (large). Slim Fitting "biker" jacket.   Item location: Finland.   Shipping +10,00€   Please contact via PM. Thanx.
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