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Some new sh*t coming'up                         really?         only wash I like, thavar 834S    
I really dont know, got lucky I guess
Thavar 827W 78,00€   http://www.dress-for-less.com/tmpl/detail.tmpl?art_id=504731;designer=Diesel;main_cat=1450;cat=1451;et_sub=IDFL_DI_KW49_20141202_GestaffelterUVP;et_index=1   its listed in womens side, but its mens thavar. I received these couple days ago.
Couple Polos, Sweatshirt, and Satin bomber Jacket, crazy Great deal from www.jeansonline.com , saved something like 440,00€            
The Extra sale of 20%, is gonna happen in the last couple weeks of the sales. Propably end of January at earliest.
Unfortunately all the diesels blueyecons dont rock or can be named great pair, this is just bloody hype that they made you belive in. 809V Is a shit fit (rude word, sorry), and even the wash isnt something great. IMO
Its "thavar-a" no wash code
Tepphar 111D in "brown"  
803U is def a tight fit what it comes to thavars generally, I took the same size as 8x2 and it did fit perfectly
I do like yoox and what they sell, diesels jeans and other clothing are close to a -50% if compared to a original price. But they do sell faulty items, maybe its 1 of the every 100 jeans or so but still. Maybe I have been extremely Unlucky with yoox and diesel jeans, here's couple reasons Bought Shioner 805A size 32x32, it had twisted leg seam on the Left leg Bought Thanaz 74K size 32x30, it had even worser twisted seam o the left leg And my very recent purchase,...
New Posts  All Forums: