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Pre-owned thavar 811p , bought from kellyjeans last summer. Only wore it 3-4times. Need to clean my wardrobe to get new dieselūüėĀ sell it to anywhere , shipping fees is usd20 to Europe ,USA , and other countries by taiwan post mail service with tracking code. only accept paypal. Thanks
  Today~ tepphar 68Z  
Hello i'm selling koolter 8qp 100% authentic , bought from ASOS last summer. it's in a  good condition. shipping cost is 14EURO to USA, Europe by Taiwan post with tracking number accept Paypal
SOLD!   100% authentic , bought from cultizm. Only wore 4-5times in a  good condition  shipping cost is 15EURO to USA, Europe by Taiwan post with tracking number accept Paypal
hello,  i bought it from cultizm. and i cost me EUR 178.56 because i'm outside europe.
new shioner 817H , just received it today!               
816K : USD 225   I got it from cultizm~ only wore 3~4 times~   in a very good condition , 100% authentic shipping cost is 18USD to USA, Europe , ASIA ( send by Taiwan post with tracking code )  accept Paypal
nice jacket!!!   where could i get it ?
thanaz 813Z , i bought it last weekend from asos     
yes~  i took my usual size with thavar 807C and 806P. almost the same size  
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