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I'll never get why people like paint on jeans. Or dirt. I've got some in the past and the first thing I did was to wash them.   To each their own, though.
These are ugly as hell as well, and 310€!!!!   http://store.diesel.com/es/vaqueros_cod36405707pe.html
These are Krooley 885Y, aren't they? Too bad only one size left, I like them.   http://www.yoox.com/uk/42288023PF/item?dept=men#sts=sr_men80&cod10=42288023PF&sizeId=7   And this is officially the most horrendous pair of jeans I've ever come across.   http://www.yoox.com/uk/36390987FX/item?dept=men#sts=sr_men80&cod10=36390987FX&sizeId=
I was actually surprised those didn't come up earlier, given that people seemed to like them a lot. For me they always looked too 'extreme', to put it nicely, with all those holes in random places.
  I actually saw them in a store in London (High Street Kensington), but didn't try them or anything.
And sorry not a wash from SS13 season but I'm really intrigued about Braddom 78j. They actually look more than trousers than jeans, but I think they're pretty cool, with lots of details (damn, they even have a padlock :D) and above all, different to your regular blue or grey jeans. I don't like the holes, though. I know they didn't get any attention at all here (I think I'm the only one who have mentioned them before).   But what intrigues me it's that if I search...
  Yes, and the contrast looked better as well. I don't think it's the sample pair, though, probably it's just the lighting conditions/camera used to take pictures, I guess we all know how different the same pair can look under different light.   And this is what I've disliked more about them:     Look at how fake/unnatural the fades on the thigh area look, the transition from faded to non faded is too abrupt, IMO.
I'm disappointed with 809v in those pics from Diesel and Cultizm, they don't look as nice as the ones posted here before...   And it was the only wash so far that had caught my eye in the new collection... IMO 801n >>> any new wash.   Anyway, I hope I'll be seeing 809v in person next week.
  Sorry, but for me any kind of treatment after manufacturing other than maybe adding some starch (which I don't know if it's added to the fabric before or after they make the jeans) means no raw... Raw is, well, raw.   Even predistressed jeans continue to fade (i.e., they lose indigo and wear out in some parts) and that doesn't make them raw.   So I guess we disagree on that definition, but it's not like it's written on stone I suppose.   I've also been wearing my raw...
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