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 Yep I saw that, that's what I said they reduced the price for the 36 from 160 to 136, a size 36 has much fewer potential buyers than a 32. In store sales the last few pairs left are either the big sizes or the very small ones. Thank you!
 Really? That low? I don't know the retail price at Diesel online store, but these retailed for 328 euro at Asos, and that's 450 dollars, and they were sold out at 206 euro/285 dollars. And I'm selling them completely BNWT, never worn, unaltered, in the original Diesel box and in a pretty average size...  Yes it was definitely one of the most elaborated and expensive washes (IMHO the best) that season.  Well they were selling those for 160 dollars but later reduced the...
Hi,   What would you consider a fair price for a BNWT Krooley 801N in size 32x32?   I'm selling a pair on eBay for 190€, which is pretty much what I paid for them, but it's not getting a lot of attention, despite being cheaper than others (prices for this wash in Viker R Box and Krooley oscilate between 215 and 260€), they were very expensive at retail (don't remember how much) and it's a fairly common size, that's why I'm reluctant to drop the price. I have 100%...
Completely brand new, unworn, unaltered pair of PRPS GTO Wrinkle.   If you know anything about PRPS you will know these put Diesels, Diors, etc. to shame in terms of quality. And the Wrinkle wash is, IMHO, one of the best ever.   Made in Japan from Zimbabwean cotton.   And yeah, worn by Beckahm!   Ship from Spain.
BNWT Diesel Krooley 801N 32x32   Purchased from Diesel online store over a year ago, I will ship with the same box.   IMHO this is one of the best washes Diesel has put out in the last few seasons.   I'm selling because I don't wear so heavily distressed jeans anymore (getting older).   Ship from Spain.
I used to love jeans which looked old, dirty, rusty, not long ago. The most distressed models from Diesel and PRPS.   One example could be my Larkee 882R:     This is another PRPS pair I had:     But lately I've been shifting towards less faded models. Think something like this RRL:     For example, I was looking for a grey pair of jeans and although everyone seems to love 8x9, this is not appealing to me anymore:     And I grabbed...
    This is how I like Dior jeans, skin-tight is a no-no for me.
BTW I like 887Q much better than 8x9, which everyone seems to love but I always thought is fugly with all those random holes.
I own 887Q in Krooley and it's stiffer than 8Y3 and as stiff as 801N, IMO.
  Because I like the wash minus the dirt?   What's the point of buying denim with dirt or paint on them which will go away after the first wash?   But to be honest there's no point in paying $300+ for jeans which are treated to make them look used and old, but I do (I buy raw jeans too).
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