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Ciao people,   I,m desperately searching for a new/unworn or very good condition secondhanded pair of the following Diesel jeans :     DIESEL THANAZ 8MY   DIESEL THANAZ 73J     In size 28/32 or 28/30     If you have these jeans for sale or you know somebody or a shop/online store who as these still for sale then please let me know :) i really love the Thanaz 8my to death as i have owned a pair in the past in size 34 but due to heavily weightloss i,m searching...
Thanks guys for your information concerning the thavar 8x2 ! really great !!
Ciao everybody !   I have some questions about the Diesel Thavar 8x2 measurments and sizing. I normally wear size 29/32 from the Thavar cut. how does the 8x2 fits ? Does it fits really skinny and tight ? Does it fits just like the Thavar 888p jeans because that cut is really tight or is the Thavar 8x2 more loose then the Thavar 888p ?   Would you recommend a size w29 or w 28 ?   Also i,m really searching for a diesel thavar 8x2 in size 29/32 or 28/32 If...
Wearing my Diesel thanaz 08MY jeans today. Love this jeans very much, very comfertable and soft washing ! Can recommend this jeans !
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