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Any one there to give me an advice how Waykee will fit compare with Larkee? Thanks in advance.
Hi you missed the new 2012 cut Waykee where would you fit Waykee in the list before Larkee or after?  -Both are listed by Diesel.com as a straight cut and look's the same except the back pockets difference
Hi Gal Shavit great post I wonder my self about the same difference between Viker vs Waykee vs Larkee update wth pictures man.Thanks.
Hi jeanetic that's a nice updated master cut list looks you know a lot about the Diesel jeans cuts do you have any information about the new 2012 cut Waykee just wonder where Waykee will fit in the master cut list?how they fit in comparison wiyh Larkee? Thanks in advance jeanetic.
Hi anyone there can explain me the difference in cut between Waykee and Larkee both look the same on Diesel.com I like the Avatar's master cut list and agree with as I have both of them Larkee are next to Viker in fit Viker have a moore tight fit then Larkee if anyone there has more information about Waykee where would you fit waykee in Avatar's master cut list? Thanks in advance.
In Avatar's master cut list Larkee are listed next to Viker totaly agree with fit and list made by Avatar as I have both Viker and Larkee so if any one there know moore details about the new cut 2012 Waykee where would you place Waykee in Avatar's master cut list?
Waykee are not a tappered fit diesel.com are listing them as straight leg any one there that could explain me the fit difference between Waykee and Larkee on Diesel.com they look the same but the fit has to be different? Thanks in advance.
Hi any one there that can explain me the difference in cut and fit between Larkee and Waykee just look on the diesel.com and could not find any difference except the back pockets bigger in Waykee?
Hi very nice made cut list thanks Avatar but I would like to know what's the difference in cut between Larkee and the new 2012 cut Waykee?
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