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I want some cookies damn it
Heeeeeeeeeyyyyy mom. How is everything? How is the hubby? The doggies? The kitties? The rooster? Oh and the chicken? lol I haven't talked to you in ages! Miss talking to you! When can I come over??
I did happen to watch most of it and I thought it was interesting to see people asking questions through the video. There were some really creative ones! It was a winsome concept, IMO.
Quote: Originally Posted by blackcandy3 hi love your outfit
Quote: Originally Posted by compulsive I stopped coming cause of all the ban's & drama & whatnot. It's not the same anymore. I still visit once every couple days but not like before where I'd refresh every minute. vee- me too! I have also been busy with school so I can't come on and post as much as I used too. I miss some of older members like yogi, nav, casey, etc.....
I like licking the icing off cupcakes...
Finally bringing the infamous gtr to the US! Watched a special about it on Dubai TV on Sunday...Very intriguing vehicle to say the least...
^ Dave- Don't know if this is purposely done but when viewing the blog, the mall tab is not there
Great work! Thanks to all the mods and programmers who have help create such an awesome project! I haven't seen this mentioned yet, but there are two ways to view the mall. Maayan you were concerned seeing the full title... if you click on the "List" next to "Gallery" above the listings, you can view (and sort) the full title, price, and when it was listed.
Thank you- much appreciated!!
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