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I used the ignore function for the first time today
Thanks <3
Ocean Lab- Satellite Schiller & Mit Maya Saban- Miss You Iio- Is it love?
^ ah good to know! Thanks
I officially hate finals week
Tone, those look goooooooorgeous on you! I love them! Don't sweat the creases...should stretch out a little. I just hope you get to wear them as often for what they are worth.
Quote: Originally Posted by gizmokat Hitchhikker's Guide to the Galaxy should have never, ever!!! been made into a movie... you just can't do it properly, there's just no way. I don't know why they even attempted. At least the robot was sooooooooo cute!!!
"Paradise" or "Every Breath You Take" by Judith McNaught ***love her books***
Lowky 88z 25x32 Liv 8FC 24x32
I think its... I want to know where the watch is and if you sent it... Because the payment has stopped a long time ago?? My french is weak...still learning..
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