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Happy Birthday!!
Marshalls in Tampa- Fashion Oaks Plaza (Sell R&R occasionally)
Anyone know how the Blizz 61x run?
Quote: Originally Posted by blackcandy3 the best revenge is finding someone better yessss sir!
Thanks everyone for the sweet comments... Quote: Originally Posted by chadler merry christmas everyone! i haven't posted an outfit in a while so here was yesterdays... love it. very nice
Bal- Love that top! Looking gorgeous as always! Quote: Originally Posted by avatar and where the fuck have YOU been Seriously! We miss you!
She is soooooooo cute!! I've been trying to get my little kitty on the site too! haha
Thanks Bluesmiley! How about these? I know they are Zathan 772s but don't know what year? On the label it says it is lab 285? Thanks for all the help!
Blahhh not a fan
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