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Best wishes!! Congratulations!!
Hey, at least shes cute
Quote: Originally Posted by iluvshopin There is truly no point in buying raw denim if you do not plan to treat them the way they are intended to be treated...right?? ITA. The denim is unwashed and it has to be treated in a different way. Quote: Originally Posted by iluvshopin But OP I think if you wear them hard you should see something good within 3 months no problem. I am not sure how well Cheap monday fades, Anna...
SLING & STONES Daniel Selvage Synthetic in Fremont at Revolve Clothing - Free Shipping! Mens Sling & Stones size 28 left. Awesome price!
^ just need a bit more photos and should be all set!
Quote: Originally Posted by gam29 i'd second either tsukasa or begret Ditto. Tsukasa has helped me tons and so has Sigmatic. Ben is very informative as well! Iluvshopin is very good at women's raw...I recommend her too! Thanks for recommending me I am still new (only 2 pairs...soon to be 3 yeeeey!!) so I am still learning. ETA: I am by no means nowhere near an expert and feel there are more knowledgeable and qualified people to mod this...
Denim Birds Sam in Dry Navy Embo - $46.25 - MOST SIZES LEFT! Runs 1-2 sizes small IMO ETA: Denimbar has lots of nudie, rag & bone, julian reds, and more raws on sale for men and women. April 77 1955 ( have these and love them!) Pictured as mens but really unisexApril 77 Joey Overdrive in 1955 Dry - The Denim Bar FITS TTS
Depends on which cut really. If you like the Super Slim Kims... and you want a nice tight fit when they break in, I say go for a 27 or 28. They run really small.
Post all the deals you find here...whether its ebay, online stores, or store sales
fake liv 61e?
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