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My collection is yet to grow. I only have 2 Ralph Laurens and 1 Gucci. I want to get more modern frames (like alain mikli). I wish I had more! Frames on ebay go for much less but its the lenses that get put in that are pricey. I'm trying to find somewhere around here that will put them in for cheap. I like the Orgreens! I am a huge fan of that style. Holy moly B... -12.75 ?? and I thought I was blind
Awesome collection! Now post worn pics of all of them! haha
  UPDATE - This is a thread, feel free to skip it and go right to the great content in our big Guide to Raw Denim               This is a starter guide for everyone- more material and pictures will be added. Thanks for everyone who helped out in this guide. (Jskidder, Hisma, Sigmatic, Tsukasa, iluvshopin, Nova, and Superfuture helpers- all have been wonderful). + Point of Raw Denim (aka dry, unwashed)? Simple. Buy an unwashed pair of denim...
Soaking them will make them shrink in the waist and inseam. Don't hem them- stacking is way better.
Quote: Originally Posted by vickaaay I wore them today and I agree, I won't hem them. Wow the 24 Rachels ended over $200? That's insane. I paid $246 on revolve and they are $300+ everywhere else. I picked up the ones on ebay (yes haha that was me) and returned the ones from revolve. I also got the natural ones for a nice little price. I was watching the ones you won vickay but they were too big for me. You got an awesome deal!
puerilepuma u got competition hehe liv 86c cherone 710
They look fabulous on you! Aren't they just beautiful? I just ordered ones from revolve and they were a bit tight but they should stretch. I wear the exact same size as you and I ordered 24s so we will see how those work out. I also just picked up the Natural Selvage in Rebeccas in 25. Seems like we both needed 25s in the rachels and that would have been the ideal fit .
Quote: Originally Posted by puerilepuma work outfit today zathan 60f diesel vest and button up haha i have that vest even though its mens
I have had two HP laptops in the past and worked on my cousins HP before. They all have had horrible power cord and battery issues. It could be your power cord that is messed up. If you bought the warranty at a store like bestbuy, they can check it for you right there with you. I had to bring in a laptop and they pulled out a volt meter to check the currents.
Last time I checked they did carry small sizes for men. Jd, I'll try to make it tomorrow .
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