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^ Wow... Please post more often.
Ahh Bugatti Veyron and Aston Martin Db9 Nice post! I was actually surprised to see a Pontiac showed off with all the riches. Although those are very enchanting but I have to say, I saw a rare car that unexpectedly took my breath away not too long ago. Props to anyone who can guess it is. Nice helicopter, V.
Quote: Originally Posted by blm14 One word: alligators. Haha Florida has the weirdest weather in the winter. Like today, in the morning it was cold and then it got really warm by mid afternoon. Tonight, we have a tornado warning and severe thunderstorm warnings with heavy rain.
Je parle un peu francais!
Just for you mom...
Quote: Originally Posted by begret LA GEAR BABY. Ok don't hate. I wore these when I was a wee one and everyone thought I was so cool.
did you happen to see the women's section? what did they have? i may go there on sunday
Quote: Originally Posted by begret I am 48. [/quote] Pretty lady- hope I grow up to be as beautiful as you! I can relate especially the skinny subject. Not too long ago I was at a kid's birthday party where my friend's sister in law offered me a piece of cake which I kindly turned town. She turns to the older lady next to her and says in front of me "She has a eating problem. I can't be like her. I love food too much." This lady is 5'7 300lbs and I have...
Cheap your outfit is killer. Very nice!
Need more pictures ~ so all you addicts send what you can!
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