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Great work girl! I like how you are continuing to show your progress!
Ohhh I live a couple streets away.......meet up? haha
Yes, he has dark hair. Anthony is a doll. He is the most helpful in that store next to Chris.
Yeah the angle of that shot is pretty awkward! Now that I look at the pic it does look like I am stumpy hahaha. Thanks for the compliments all The S&S have my heart now but I am slowly working on getting new pairs. I like to take my time with each individual pair.
Nice turn outs! Mel, I am interested in seeing the pink coming out of those skulls. Better view when you right click and click view image S&S Rachels less than 25 wears - no washes Cheap Mondays about 60+ wears 2 washes - jeans are low in quality but so comfortable
Very nice fit!
Quote: Originally Posted by begret If she is happy, I am happy .. And no one makes me happier than you mum! We need to catch up
Classic ring. Congrats- wish you both the best!!
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