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S&S + Vadodara = Very Nice, Narc!
They are unbuttoned
Good luck finding them! Those are the first editions and they have been sold out at BiG for about a month now. I asked Gordon a couple weeks ago when they sold out and they may get some in though so check in because sometimes they don't always update the website. You could try looking at getting them proxied or from the Sams website, like Jskidder said.
Ahh I don't much about R&R. Thanks guys!!
In the tag it says kassandra. Or that doesn't mean anything?
Thanks guys in advance!
I'm in a similar situation as well. I had 4 packages marked as 'delivered' to my address but nothing was there. I called the post office and was told the whole neighborhood was calling in and complaining about a similar problem. Heard some kids were driving by grabbing mail. The sellers aren't responsible for this but I would like to know if I do a charge back, do the sellers get affected, I really don't want them to as this is not their fault. Can someone tell me how...
What a beautiful fit- give them a little more wear and these should fit like a glove buttoned up. What size did you get?
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