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Happy New Year HF! Also, Mrs. B (mom) - Baby Girl wishes you a special New Years as well!
Quote: Originally Posted by notfrostyjosh theres a nudie (not the pants) post thread somewhere lemme find it OH GOD...Ahh memories! Where's Sebastian?
Hey gorgeous ^ Nice to 'see' some old school members are still around!
Thanks guys! It definitely needs some tweaking though!
Pretty please post pics! I swear if they made them smaller I would have grabbed them in a heart beat!
^ Hmmm I think I may just have to kick back to the old roots just once and do that!
Quote: Originally Posted by MISSPOOKIE So you were engaged?? Ahhh yes, I was for a bit but didn't work out. Have you and Mr. Cutup tied the knot yet?
^^ And I have missed you the most mother
Haha, nope! Ive been single for well over 10 months now. I missed you guys- so I stopped by from my hectic schedule to say "hello!" Looks dead here though...
What I miss?
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