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Hello, please what is the difference between Larkee and Waykee?   Thank you very much.
Hello, please ... is there nothing new to Larkee?   thanks
Thanks Pukette and Weenie for the Info! I love the 811k
When you think that we will see this in the online store?
Thank you very much to all for your advice.   I doubt between 811k or 809v and what you think is better? I really like both.   One last question....Is it worth the 74y? Is it good?   Greetings
Hello everyone, could you please recommend me the best washes to Larkee. Currently I have:   -884c -8ne -882r -8at -803u -881r -8qt -8ym -8x8 -880f I'm looking for new washes that are good. Thank you very much.
Hello, in this website are the measures of almost all models ..   http://shop61856406.taobao.com/search.htm?spm=a1z10.3.w6.43.oO3Awn&scid=318300664&scname=RElFU0VMIFRIQVZBUiDRndDN&checkedRange=true&queryType=cat     I recommend the automatic google translator
Thank you very much for your help Mr E.   Then I'll buy the 32w size for 8ne.
Hello everyone, sorry for my english but I'm from Spain. I have long been visiting the forum and I need your help. I have in my collection Larkee models: 8AT in size 31W , perfect fit 881r in size 31W, perfect fit 884c in size 31W, perfect fit 8x8 in size 32w, good fit, but in size 31 very very tight 8y3 good fit in size 32, but in size 31 pretty tight too With this data .... which size would I need for models: 8NE, 882r, 880f and 803u? Thank you...
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