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It must be a marketing hype, the Diesel Rome store told me the same thing that this jean is exclusively made for Rome. Anyways it is 801B.
I got my first Braddom and fell in love with it
Thanks, took your advice  and I ordered 4 more :)    Krooley 801U Safado 801D Braddom 802K Iakop 801B   short listed   Braddom 008QU Braddom 804Z
I am feeling bad spending money on jeans, my current list is 29 diesel jeans and growing. How many do you have? Should I seek help?  
added www.sojeans.co.uk to genuine list
Hi Guys,   My first thread in this forum and being a diesel fan boy I thought it would be a good idea to list online vendors that I have come across as authentic/ genuine versus the dodgy ones that I have been stung with.   Some tips I found useful in finding if the vendor is genuine or not is to look for a contact number and a site address and confirming with local authorities if it is a registered business.   So here goes the list. Please provide input on...
New Posts  All Forums: