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does anyone have the UMC 08 jeans ? any fit pic ?  i have found only this fit pic    thank you
hi , i want to buy dior gomme 07 UMC 19cm jeans !  i don't think i could find it in new condition , so i will but it if the condition is very good and it's unhemmed and inaltered ...   reference code : 7E3110520201   size 29/30(waist 40.5-41cm)   i know that it's difficult to find these jeans , so if you have any jeans of UMC 08,09 19cm cut or the Dustwash 06 jeans , please send me a pm !    UMC 08 reference code : 8E3111740711 UMC 09 reference code :...
does anyone have these jeans in size 29 or 30 ?  please send me pm !    thank you in advance 
Hi everyone , i bought these jeans recently ...  does anyone know what pair of dior this is?               thank you in advance ! 
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