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hey guys, i didnt want to start a new thread just for this so here goes....ive been eyeing a pair of Acne's Adrian sneakers but i have no clue of how they fit. in converse shoes im a 41.5 in EU size. should i opt for a 41 or a 42 in the Adrians? anybody who has tried them on please let me know :) 
i think its just because more "desirable" sizes -like W29-31- in nice washes, become out of stock faster. thats why sizes like W34 or W36 stay there for a long time. also, YOOX probably gets one pair of each size or something. which means....either you pull the trigger immediately when you see the wash/size you want, orrrr.....someone else does. probably someone who is less crazy about jeans than most of us are. im saying this because a lot of us here have like 6 pairs+ ,...
great! thanks!
yeah, i told you so a few days ago its one of the best.
thank you for the reviews denim addict. the more i see 830P the more i want to put my hands on it. but im not sure if sizing down would work out. i should maybe try finding it in one size down first and try it to see, before purchasing
omfg...just got a small heart attack by looking at the price. but still........... they actually look like a cleaner version of 8BT with less paint splatters etc. they look so nice. 
they only had W31 available , which is my old size. i tried belther 828T in W30 but fit better in W29, and thavar 829B in W28 which fit perfectly. which means my size NOW is W29. im guessing that if your regular size is W31 then it should fit fine. i dont really know how much it will stretch. i dont think it runs larger in the waist like 811p does. 
i just tried 830P. unfortunately not in my size but that wash is a thing of beauty! very very nice
yeah same here. but not in safado
yeah it does look very cool...but i have no clue of what size to get and stores here in Greece are lagging behind (they are still selling the old collection). 
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