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i have them both but i had to take the waist in a bit and i feel they just dont fit 100% perfectly anymore. if i fail to find them ill just keep the ones i have i guess! 
hi, thanks but im really looking to find them in the correct length... :/ 
Thavar 811p 28/30 or 29/30 shioner 805A 29/30 tepphar 820Q 29/30 im looking for these pairs....if anyone knows where to find them or if someone wishes to sell his pair....please pm me!    
hey guys...im looking for these pairs: Thavar 811p 28/30 or 29/30 shioner 805A 29/30 tepphar 820Q 29/30 If anyone knows where to find them BNWT or used in good condition, please pm me!  
@Daaan thanks man! It felt weird wearing a suit but on the other hand, really nice. next suit should be a navy blue one ^^ Im still convinced its DC and not karacho....come on glorious, tell us the right answer! :P
no diesel, no jeans BUT since it was the first time i had to suit up for some activities in my university, i wanted to share it with you guys lol . i actually felt pretty badass . the suit is from zara and the shoes from massimo dutti btw
is it DC ? xD 
@denim addict  i have 830P as well! :D and like yourself, i love them. they are kind of tight on me though. the complete opposite of 608T ! 
they look amazing. i saw them in the store but didnt try them. might give them a try.....
sizing down on tepphar is a must IMO....plus there isnt much difference between sizes. i tried 830K the other day in W28 which is one size down from my usual size and even though it was tight, it felt ok.  btw, @Phukette nice outfits. what brand is the cardigan in the second outfit? 
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