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ure welcome. just check now and then on ebay, "allsaints shirt" thats what i look for. also make sure to ask for measurements as some shirts run large and others run small. i had bought a couple of shirts that were very tight on me and others that were bigger than id like them to be. but thats the risk for buying without trying. after a couple of shirts and always asking for measurements, you will almost always get something that fits good enough. if not, you just resell...
@denim addict i just saw your question sorry. 880i is rather think and stiff. but i got my size and it feels alright. 
@Dieselicious i almost always get those made with japanese cotton and i find them to be durable and ok in terms of quality. i buy them on ebay through auctions and i pay around 20-40 euros per shirt which is great. naturally they are used but i only bid on shirts that have been worn only a few times
@rcom440 yes the denim is heavy. what levislad said basically!  
@karacho like a boss (Y) scotch & soda floral shirt thavar 880i (managed to wear them today as it was a rainy day here in Athens) castaner espadrilles  
@rcom440 here are the photos of 880i.   my pair of 8x2. nothing too special in terms of colour but still a classic wash and the Allsaints shirts i got from ebay. sorry for the crappy quality of the photo
forgot to add 608T, 830P and 828T in my recent purchases :P @rcom440 sure, i will in a bit. its the best light wash ive owned but just a bit heavy for now. 
@Denim Collector only after selling almost all of my jeans which were W31...all of the jeans ive bought in the past 2 months are W29 and my joggs are W30.
i agree with what everyone said...sometimes he is very slow in replying etc, but be sure that he will ship and it will get there fast. hes probably the most reliable seller ive encountered so far
@denim addict i hear ya man.. thats how I feel whenever I visit the store..... I always know all washes/cuts by heart and know when to size down or up, and the sales person always gives me that look... the "who the hell is this guy? is he from Diesel and he came to control us? " look. im almost 100% certain that i would be a better sales person than any one of those that ive seen so far  LOL as for the size and variety of the collection, Greek stores are the same to be...
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