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880i is rather thick. i could say its like 8x2. i wore it today and in the sun it was too hot...but i love this wash. 
Dont. Size. Down. your thighs and calves will suffer most probably. mine hasnt stretched at all and ive worn it like 5 times already (which is unusual for a pair of diesel jeans)
nah, eventually a pair will appear. when you least expect it of course or when uve given up on them. its important to always have the money to buy the pair ure looking for, when it shows up, coz most of the times its a one shot thing. this is more or less how i lost the occasion to buy 811p in 28x30 -.- 
i have them both but i had to take the waist in a bit and i feel they just dont fit 100% perfectly anymore. if i fail to find them ill just keep the ones i have i guess! 
hi, thanks but im really looking to find them in the correct length... :/ 
Thavar 811p 28/30 or 29/30 shioner 805A 29/30 tepphar 820Q 29/30 im looking for these pairs....if anyone knows where to find them or if someone wishes to sell his pair....please pm me!    
hey guys...im looking for these pairs: Thavar 811p 28/30 or 29/30 shioner 805A 29/30 tepphar 820Q 29/30 If anyone knows where to find them BNWT or used in good condition, please pm me!  
@Daaan thanks man! It felt weird wearing a suit but on the other hand, really nice. next suit should be a navy blue one ^^ Im still convinced its DC and not karacho....come on glorious, tell us the right answer! :P
no diesel, no jeans BUT since it was the first time i had to suit up for some activities in my university, i wanted to share it with you guys lol . i actually felt pretty badass . the suit is from zara and the shoes from massimo dutti btw
is it DC ? xD 
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