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i tried sleenker 824p today....im not sure if i liked the fit. i had to size up from my usual size and still felt tight. 
looks nice to me! 
just PMed you man
aaand once again, the Greek Diesel website will lag behind all other countries and i will miss the chance to get the sizes i want.... i feel so gutted >_>
thanks guys! ive taken lots of ideas from many outfits in here since i became a member :D 
cheers Phukette! 
allsaints bloomsbury jacket an old brown jumper i dug out from my closet thanaz 8S9 (one of the best fitting jeans i have) chucks
@ronlol did you get your usual size? 
http://www.amazon.com/Diesel-Krooley-Ne-Regular-Carrot-Denim/dp/B00DWZ0MZI/ref=sr_1_2?s=apparel&ie=UTF8&qid=1387032007&sr=1-2&keywords=jogg+jeans   can anyone identify the wash of this pair of joggs? 
a brand new pair of 8Y9 tepphar turbodenim. these are supposed to age in 30 days like raw denims do. ive only tried them on once around the house but they are very tight on me so i decided im better off selling them. ill reply asap to whatever questions you might have and ill probably ship everywhere around the world but notice that if you live outside the EU, you will be responsible for duties, taxes etc that you might have to pay.   postage for the EU: 12...
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