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thanks guys. like Phukette said, 880i is uber tight. theres no way you can size down and be able to walk. but its one of the best light washes, if not the best, ive ever tried in both term of fits and colour
heading to the old city. Scotch & Soda polo Thavar 880i chucks as usual
@denim addict the 830R has nice details.  today i used the same outfit Phukette had used some time ago so no originality today lol Allsaints bloosmbury jacket Zara tshirt Thavar-NE 604N (the fit of this jogg is not very good, the fabric is rather thin but its one of the most detailed) Chucks
@Denim Collector has your pair stretched so much? ive worn it 3 times so far
thanks guys! 
First night out in Barcelona Thavar 608T (the fit is kind of weird. i think i could have sized down. it might stretch more than id like it too, but i fucking love this wash) Zara top Castaner espadrilles
@denim addict man your shioners and thavars always fit you so well! 
beautiful wash. i wish i could find it in w29 l30
ure welcome. just check now and then on ebay, "allsaints shirt" thats what i look for. also make sure to ask for measurements as some shirts run large and others run small. i had bought a couple of shirts that were very tight on me and others that were bigger than id like them to be. but thats the risk for buying without trying. after a couple of shirts and always asking for measurements, you will almost always get something that fits good enough. if not, you just resell...
@denim addict i just saw your question sorry. 880i is rather think and stiff. but i got my size and it feels alright. 
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