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i hope you are right Aramis. 
that was the first thing i tried but unfortunately i used an email address that i practically never used. my bad, i know. the only thing i can think of is if my buddy doesnt receive the jeans in like 10 days or so, to ask for a refund on paypal. 
i opened a US account on the diesel store so i could get a thavar 811p for me and have it delivered to a friend in Chicago but i used the wrong email (an email i have but havent used forever and therefore dont remember the pass) so i placed the order...then remembered that about my email so i changed it...i received the paypal invoice alright for 244$ but on my account page on the diesel store, my order number is nowhere to be found...i emailed them and this is what i...
same here...couldnt resist the temptation of -30% so i ordered thavar 811p before my size is gone! 
to be honest id only consider the price to be a factor for me to buy the 8i2. i mean...811p is a blue eyecon, the denim probably is lighter (dont take my word for it, its just a guess), its has that white colouring on the inside...and i definetely love the electric blue colour of the 811p :D furthermore, 880W is a badass wash...i have it and i love it. seriously. i know how youre feeling right now, i feel that way all the time "ugh i like them both, why cant i just grab...
that krooley 811p is badass man. i was about to get it in thavar but im seriously thinking about the krooley now! 
thanks guys! ill just hang on to it for now as im trimming up, itll probably fit better sooner or later and if i find a bloomsbury in a large ill grab it and then sell mine. im also eyeing that other denim jacket you got Phukette! looks pretty cool.  this one too:   http://www.allsaints.com/men/coats/allsaints-fremont-denim-jacket/?colour=21&category=116   has anybody seen it in real life? 
http://www.allsaints.com/men/coats/allsaints-kinman-denim-jacket/?colour=21&category=116   this one looks kinda the same with the bloomsbury, appart from the collar being different. kinda thinking of selling the bloomsbury and grabbing this? i really dont know..
hmmm i find it too hard to give up on it. it took months before i found a size medium and a size large now is impossible to find (and it was available most of the time i was looking for a medium -_- )
hey guys. i finally had the chance to find and buy the bloomsbury jacket in a medium but im not sure if its ok on me or not. when im wearing it like in the first photo its ok but when i button it up it is kinda restricting (it shows in the last photo -upper buttons- ). i mean, i cant open my arms wide and of course if i lift my arms, the whole jacket moves up lifting the tshirt as well lol. and one last thing i noticed, but not that annoying, is that when i lift my arm...
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