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guys did yours stretch out or were they just roomier than other thavars?
ok back.    Darron 809V W30 L30   £154.00 Shioner 600R W31 L30  £140.00   and maaaayyyyybe 807C in W31 L30 for £147.00
I really cant believe that there wont be any W30 L30 right now :/ i hope someone can find me one
Umm 150+130 ?? Ill pm you when i get back home!
Yes, darron 809v
is there anyone from the UK that can get me a darron 809v 30x30 and a shioner 600R in 31x30 and ship them to me in Greece??
on the 21st there will probably be no sizes/wasehs that interest me left... -_-
FFS.... :/
i knew it. they didnt start on the greek site and i lost the chance to buy a 809V in 30x30 >_> is there anyone that can get them for me? i only saw them on nordstrom but i dont know if theyll go on sale.
Any news on when sales will start??
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