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how would you compare them to krooley? and what about size, what size did you get? 
has anyone tried a pair of Krayver yet? 
the majority of F/W washes seem cheap and look like they have very thin fabric...and then there are a couple of washes with thicker fabric that are way too loud..816H for instance..i like it, but its kinda loud...id get it if i found it at a super price but id end up not wearing it lol...ill probably concentrate on simpler washes. like thavar 816N 
hmmm nah i dont think ill get chi-tight...looks nice but not really for me 
i kind of agree with you..blue eyecons this season are at least mediocre lol..but i just have to have one of them >_> and only 817H seems to be "nice" enough
818Y looks way too frayed IMO...so i guess ill only be getting 817H...603Z doesnt look bad but i dont think Waykee is for me
in W32 i feel like i get the perfect fit. waist isnt loose. maybe just comfortable but by no means loose. thighs are snug but not unbearably tight. if i had bought W31 im pretty sure i wouldnt be able to fit in it.
i usually wear W31 in thavar and shioner but i followed everyones advice and got thanaz 887K in W32. im 100% sure i wouldnt be able to fit in a W31. the thighs are too tight. 
yeah that off-white colour looks very nice! 
a kinda general question to all who know...im thinking of getting a pair of kongas and a pair of wolfs from yoox now that they are finally available! i got my thors in size 42 (US 9) and i think i could have taken 41 as well, as theres some extra space on the front. do kongas and wolfs fit the same way? 
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