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oh? now i dont know which size to get lol but ill probably get my usual one.  
@dieselolic, did you go with your usual thavar size? 
@DC oh man that belther is starting to grow on me... >_> awesome outfit 
about Thors...i just wore mine, size UK 9 and i think i could have taken UK 8, but its nothing dramatic. just a little longer than they should be
i was thinking of getting a pair of Wolf...they arent worth it? :/ 
DBG EXCESS 8ML W31 THAVAR 802K GREEN or BLUE W31 BRADDOM 881Z W30 L30 or L32 anyone who knows where to find them, please message me! thanks
yeah very cool. cant wait to receive mine in a couple of weeks! 
@freeradical yeah thats what i think too.   @Aramis i think its one of cool washes this season (along with 2 of the blue eyecons). and theres also a wash in the new cut, krayver which has that kind of ripped side! very cool! 
i dont know what would be worse...sizing down and them being too uncomfortable or getting your usual size and them stretching out...hmm i guess i should go to a Diesel store and try on W30 and W31 before buying! 
somewhere in here i read 816K is stiff...doesnt look very stiff. so whoever wants to buy it should size down from his usual thavar size? i might have a problem with my thighs lol
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