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http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DIESELI-SHIONER-0817H-BLUE-EYECONS-EDITION-2013-32-32-THAVAR-0888P-THANAZ-/151083573469?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_212&hash=item232d4860dd   if the photos are accurate, i think im gonna grab them after all...
beautiful pair of nudie jeans. where did you get them? 
it was one of the best purchases ive EVER made... 80$ shipped in immaculate condition, it still has some of the 3D effects on it too! 
i finally received my thavar 811p, braddom 887D and thanaz 887K from a friend of mine who returned to Greece for vacations...love all three of them and the fit is spot on! seeing thavar 811p next to my 801C id say that they are very very much alike...only the fact that 811p is a blue eyecon could justify having it..luckily i had bought it at -30%. and i cant seriously say enough things about 887K...it immediately became one of my faves. i wish Diesel would make more...
i have to agree on that one Aramis...at first i was too excited to buy some washes from the new season but after thinking about it, most of them are extremely "loud" ... ill probably get a couple of simple washes like 816N...and maybe 816K which isnt as loud as 602S or 816H...maybe its time to start looking seriously at a pair of Nudie Jeans...
true. and less dirty i think. the 816H is dirty all over (on the back as well) while the 801A is mainly dirty on the thighs. 
100% fake id say. just look at the microstitch
nice! where did you find them Aramis? 
i think THAVAR 818V comes in that dark grey/washed black colour and BELTHER 818V comes in two different colours...that light blue one and a light grey one...
looks like it...im 90% positive its thavar-ne :P but we should probably wait for more photos
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