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hows the fit on those 813S hawk?? they look nice! 
http://www.yoox.com/gr/42297855NU/item?dept=denimmen#sts=sr_denimmen80&cod10=42297855NU&sizeId=   shioner 801A ! in only two sizes though...its a must have! 
DC did you see the other colours of this wash?? Were they as cool?
does anybody know if the blue eyecons will come out in more than one cut? ill definetely get 817H and maybe 818Y...but 603Z in waykee doesnt really impress me due to the cut. if it comes in another cut though ill think about it :D 
those look AWESOME! the only thing i dont like about this wash is the exaggerated stitching on the front but appart from that they look great...
the question would be....816P or 881R which is from an older season but looks pretty much the same?? :P 
those 816P are very cool even if they are a simple medium blue wash....im debating over getting the 816P or shioner 814D which must be way lighter but still looks awesome >_> 
Do you know if the sales on the website will also start on that day?
yeah so? you seem to be the only one bothered by an upload of photos that contain clothes of another brand :P 
excellent fit Phukette.  @Zodiac, whats your problem? lol. 
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