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@Phukette great fit on all of the jeans...reviews like this makes me wanna try jeans from other brands, like Nudie Jeans for instance.   @leftvapor nice purchases! lots of goodies! 
im pretty sure it would destroy them ...
ok thanks! im guessing that even though its the inner stitching thats turquoise, the jeans would look awesome with a tshirt of that colour. or maybe mint which is like faded turquoise
no fade, its just plain grey with blue stitching. but its a very ... "smooth" grey in my opinion. i probably prefer them over thavar 886B. but you really have to see them in real life and youll definetely fall in love with how they feel ;-) 
to those who have bought the 816K...can you tell me what colour is the stitching? is it like.... mint? tyrquoise? im gonna get it soon and i want to buy a tshirt that matches the stitching (very cool combo IMO) 
well, for starters its extremely soft and comfortable. its also very versatile without being your ordinary pair of jeans. i can see me wearing them with white, black, blue, green etc etc. i was sceptical about it too but when i got them i really liked them. ;-)
yes i got my usual size on the 600R! 
Cultizm definetely sells authentic stuff. That is probably a sample and thats why it has letters on the inside. So no worries
@DC, i went with recommended size (one size down from my usual thavar-darron size -31 to 30- ) and they fit fine :D theyre not a heavy denim,      @Ramirez, GRAB THEM hahaha...i cant stress how beautiful these are even if they are so simple. the mix between them and the scotch&soda tshirt i got is just awesome. i just dont know what colour shoes i should wear...any ideas guys??  
@Ramirez, it damn sure does...but it also has an after effect when you think of how much money you actually i spent lol...i went to the nike store just to try on a pair of shoes but then i said the hell with it...and i was also going to get only one pair of chucks but i found out that the store had also scotch&soda clothes (which arent very popular here in Greece but i love them) so i had to buy something else too.....as for 600R, i was sceptical about it but Phukette...
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