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somewhere in here i read 816K is stiff...doesnt look very stiff. so whoever wants to buy it should size down from his usual thavar size? i might have a problem with my thighs lol
absolutely agreed...when i saw them i liked them immediately but then i saw the price and theres no way id pay more for a pair of jogg shorts than a pair of normal jeans. 
@zdenal thanks for the fit pics man, im planning to buy these! 
8IE is awesome...i had bought a pair back in the days but never got to use them as much cause i put on weight. as soon as autumn comes ill wear them a lot!     @vlcisco  great jacket! 
nice combo 
nice. and you got a great pair too! im just sceptical in using the iron on jeans and it can make the colour fade away :/ 
can you post some photos of the 8x2's??? 
nice denim shirt Ramirez :D planning to get one myself soon! 
im really starting to dig the Krayver cut...i wonder when theyll be released for this season! 
to anyone who can bother to look at outlets near them or other stores, im looking for the following jeans:   braddom 881Z in 30x32 or 30x30   krooley 882D in 29x30   at a reasonable price (around 130 pounds each) but if price is higher, still let me know!!!
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