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yes i noticed it looks like 801D of last year but still...i like the tone of those two colours and that price is kinda more "ok" for what it is, considering the fact that i own a pair of last years 801D ;) 
great combo Phukette! very cool! 
hahaha pryv75 :P   thavar 816N is AWESOME.... and shioner 814D too -_- 
@pryv75 lol true...we always manage to find the funds for some diesel jeans! as far as your second post is concerned...i noticed that they put a small banner on top of the new jeans...but they put it on top of jeans from the previous season too, i dont know why :S 
second that drumedge :P 
so far i want...816K, 816N, 816P...thavar jogg...krooley jogg 804K...darron 818Y..shioner 817H and maybe 813S...ugh... ill start living on potatoes and water from now on to save money. lol
guys does anybody know how Belther fits? i know its new and its like darron..but does anybody know if it runs tight or not? there are a couple of interesting washes in that cut
definetely much much better than SS13...im almost tempted in not buying a single thing during the sales... theres thavar 816K, shioner 813S...that new tepphar a lot of guys liked...theres also a krooley jogg which is very similar to the 804K wash!! 
including new washes in Thanaz cut 
thavar jogg jeans and shioner 817H are amazing. probably the first two ill get. the 817H is also the only blue eyecon that appears to be a must have...the other two seem to be way too dirty..
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