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ok heres another question especially for those who have had things delivered from the US to the EU or to other parts of the world and vice versa. lets say i want a friend of mine to send me a pair of jeans or a tshirt from the US to the UK (i live in Greece but since i have no clue how to avoid taxes/duties, im saying the UK.)  -BUT- my father always buys books from the US and has them delivered to his P.O. box with no issue...maybe i should use that?    or maybe ask...
great. thanks everybody. i think ill go for a 90 to be safe. 
thanks lavoisier! ill message him to see if he would ship it to Greece. but id have to ask phukette first about some measurements of his bloomsbury like sleeve length and arm circumference (since that would be the problem in getting a medium). by the way, today i got my first allsaints items and im super happy about them. i think they fit alright and they are both medium (maybe the fit of bloomsbury is like the leather jacket so a large might be too large in the...
i have a huge list myself but i try to get one at a time. id suggest you get the one that you like the MOST. not because its rare or you dont have a wash of that tone. so if you REALLY like the 887d then i suggest you get that one. ask for a discount. i think he will offer something like a 10% down if you pay through paypal directly. 
@denim collector - whats your size ? you found it on ebay? coz ive been looking for that wash but the only pair i seem to find in my size is new from diesel_jeans_1978 and costs quite a lot -_-
denim collector where did you find a thavar 801C for 130$ ?? :O 
yeah i was thinking of a 90 too but im not really sure. 
hey guys i need advice on the size of some diesel belts. my jeans size is 31 but i have seen that some belts tend to be shorter or longer. ive been eyeing these in particular but i wouldnt know what the correct size is for me. 90 maybe?    http://store.diesel.com/it/cintura_cod46256646aw.html http://store.diesel.com/it/cintura_cod46230395gl.html
yeah thats what i was afraid of so ill keep off them. it pisses me off though that most cool designs that they have right now come in the scoop cut. even some colours of the tonic scoop tshirt are fantastic. 
awesome. im about to get some tshirts from their site ^^ by the way, does anyone have a scoop tshirt from them? most of the designs i like are a scoop cut and im wondering how they actually look. if they fall too much on the chest , maybe a crew cut would look better...? 
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