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Second that Phukette. i own the Duncan and the Russ shirts and couldnt be happier with them
could be shioner 8D4
@leftvapor, did they feel uncomfortable due to the length or on your waist/thighs? should one consider sizing up like on 805A or not? Even though i feel that i shouldnt have sized up on my 805A as they feel larger than my 887K for which i also sized up (32x30) and its thighs are tight..therefore im on the fence about sizing up on 817H or not..any advice?
Lol phukette
@karacho its 10% of the selling price.
so true. its fucking hot here in Athens too. only at night i might be able to wear a pair of jeans and mostly ones with thinner fabric. it sucks! 
not only that, but looking at diesel clothing for example, they have all sizes available which IMO is definetely a sign of a fake e-shop. id stay away. 
oh boy...i cant wait to get my new pair of 888p! such an amazing wash 
http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DIESEL-JEANS-THAVAR-0821B-821B-LIMITED-EDITION-2013-14-32-SHIONER-THANAZ-/151101607697?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_212&hash=item232e5b8f11 has anybody seen this? i kinda like it to be honest...much more subtle than the other pair of thavar limited edition 
http://9gag.com/gag/ay5d17W  i REALLY felt the need to share this with you guys hahahaha i know ive felt that way many times! so hillarious 
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