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thanks man. yeah the wash is great! very simple but great! 
thavar 881R (amazing light wash...love it!) and tepphar 807D...both 31x30...to those who are more familiar with tepphar, could you tell me what you think? i was thinking of returning them and sizing down but i think theyll look like leggings (something i want to avoid due to my large thighs)...i was thinking of doing so because they seem to be so light and soft, theyll stretch like crazy...not that ill be wearing them everyday but still...any thoughts? btw, this cut is...
i got them in 42 cause i wear everything in 42 but theres a bit of space on the front, not much anyway. i probably should have bought them in 41.  so if you wear 42 in diesel shoes then stick to your size IMO
@denimaddict, i bought them a week ago but didnt have the chance to wear them. they seem solid enough. my only issue is.... what to wear them with?? as in, what kind of colours should i choose in a tshirt/shirt etc...maybe its just me but that orange sole is giving me a hard time even though no one would really notice it once worn... lol 
i stuck with my usual size and i like the fit. mayyybe they stretch a bit in the waist but nothing dramatic. 
Brand new, still with tags on it, ive only tried these on, size 38 (medium), in immaculate condition from a pet/smoke free home.  if you have any questions please message me.   Shipping to EU: 10 pounds
SHIONER 805A 32x30, used only two times, never washed, well taken care of, still has some 3D effects on it, selling due to being too big for me now. smoke/pet free home.   for any questions please message me.    shipping to EU: 10 pounds
@glorious , looks much better! great. ill be receiving mine next week... i wonder if it will fit me since everybody says its super thick but i was lucky enough to find them in my exact size 31x30
great purchase indeed! where did you buy it and how much did it cost if i may ask? 
grabbed thavar 881R, tepphar 807D and thanaz 74K ( 74K for 80e brand new, i couldnt say no) will post pics once i receive them. 
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