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amazing leather jacket from allsaints which im very sad to sell cause its super badass...i didnt have the chance to wear it yet as its impossible to wear a leather jacket in Athens during summer, therefore ive listed it as brand new without tags. ive only tried it on. no scuffs, no marks. just as if you would have bought it from their store at a better price.   Shipping to EU: 15 pounds
slim fitting blue shirt from Diesel in very good condition, only one small mark on Diesel sign as seen on photo, other than that, perfect.   shipping to EU: 8 pounds
Braddom 887D in W30 L32, in very good condition, only worn a few times, never washed, still has some 3D effects on it. rare wash in a rare size at a bargain price!    Shipping to EU: 10 pounds
@DC.... i hate bringing you the bad news but....D O N T even think about it :P they are super stiff and tight...you should at best your usual size...orrr you could buy them and resell them for a better price? 
crap! lol...sorry, i hadnt seen it was an A and not a Z :| 
@leftvapor , is that really tepphar 886Z ? it looks much more faded...
thanks! i think they have too many white spots on one leg though. ill have to figure out some combinations of clothes to wear them with. they are very special indeed! the waist feels a bit weird when i sit or when i kneel lol  a couple of weeks ago, several pairs of 74K came up on ebay, all of them were L30 which i wear and i asked a guy who was selling them how much he was willing to sell it for (it was still an auction). and to find my exact size -31x30- at this price,...
i received my thanaz 74K...i know there are some people that dont like these but i think they are one special wash and for 80e i couldnt really say no :P these are tight, especially in the calves but i think the fit is just fine. any thoughts? sorry for the no shoes photos lol  
From the new collection, id say tepphar 813W and tepphar 820Q. But it all comes down to personal taste
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