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100% fake id say. just look at the microstitch
nice! where did you find them Aramis? 
i think THAVAR 818V comes in that dark grey/washed black colour and BELTHER 818V comes in two different colours...that light blue one and a light grey one...
looks like it...im 90% positive its thavar-ne :P but we should probably wait for more photos
if you dont like stacking/cuffing, id say order a 30L...worst case scenario, you return the jeans. and choose a wash that doesnt come with factory prestacking. e.g. thavar 816P
@DC it was definetely something unexpected lol...i tried the 602S just for fun and ended up liking it xD and yeah... its such a joke that they release the exact same colours in different cuts and "different" washes but the price is so different >_> even thought belther fits great (i tried 816J)    @realdealornot you think i should go with W30? 
Im pretty sure pryv75 meant to write 807C those are thavar 807C and thavar 808Z
Well, im a bit shorter than you (1.74 approx. ) so i tend to get my jeans in 30L even if they come with factory prestacking. Sometimes though its not possible to find that length so i just get 32L (only if the jeans stack well or if it comes with factory stacking). In the case of tepphar i think i could pull off 32L easily. as for length of diesel jeans...it depends! Some washes run longer than others and some come with no stacking at all which makes it look weird on...
Thanks man. They are awesome. I didnt expect to like them so much!
@denim addict, it does look even better in real life....its a cool army green, not very dark. fabric felt ok too. its a pretty good pair of jeans for its price and i was wearing a black tshirt which made it look badass xD 
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