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damn....ainu shirt looks great...and that jacket..............one of the two military jackets ive been eyeing on their site. so badass! 
yeah same here, only 15% off. i bought a pair of shioner 805A since i needed to size down...now ill only need to hem it as 30L is practically impossible to find....anyway, cheers straychev! 
javi i got 74K in my usual size and i dont have skinny legs. id say you got it in your usual size. dont size up or down
sani- its better if you ask him yourself as i dont want to be liable for saying something incorrect etc. he created a profile in here too. 
im not sure if i can move to sleenker as it wont be a carrot fit like tepphar from what ive seen. but it should be interesting. i almost always opt for one or two blue eyecons each season and then maybe 2-3 other washes. last season i only got 811p, 807C and 809v. nothing else. 
http://www.denimblog.com/c/u/57819/giamatshop  << this is the guy, he created a profile. just message him with your inquiries. 
well since the two last seasons were sort of a disaster in terms of good washes, i think that for this season especially the 817H is the best. then tepphar 820Q, then 816K thavar. and then a couple of others. that are simple yet cool. 
excellent! :P but id get the shioner first, as much as i love them both. it feels like the 888p. stiff and heavy denim. very nice
what are you thinking of getting Aramis?
my pleasure. im planning to get more washes from him soon. just email him, tell him youre from denimblog and i sent you, tell him the desired wash and size and hell tell you if its readily available or if he has to look for it. 
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