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excellent! :P but id get the shioner first, as much as i love them both. it feels like the 888p. stiff and heavy denim. very nice
what are you thinking of getting Aramis?
my pleasure. im planning to get more washes from him soon. just email him, tell him youre from denimblog and i sent you, tell him the desired wash and size and hell tell you if its readily available or if he has to look for it. 
To all who are interested: http://myworld.ebay.co.uk/giamat_shop/   silvia.bati@yahoo.it     this is the guy from whom i get washes from the current season at a much better price. he doesnt have everything but he may be able to get the size and wash you want. when you message him, please tell him you are from denimblog and that I recommended him to you. i got 807C from last season, and 816K and 817H from this season from him and im very satisfied! 
i have a couple of jeans that have that sign but even though i too have heard that it signals some sort of defect, none of them looks defective to me. 
DC- well...its up to you....you could either keep them and put them on top of the denim wall orrr.......say goodbye to them lol...i know i was frustrated when i had to return mine....but i could definetely not justify having it if it didnt fit right...you might find a W28 one day...or you could try a pair of PRPS...they cost a LOOOOOOOOOT of money but man that brand has some trully badass washes without going overboard like Diesel does sometimes -lately most of the times...
@DC those are great arent they? But i had fallen into the trap just like you when i got them...these will never stretch. Thats why i had to return them.... :/
thanks denim addict! well....i have 8x2 as well and even though there are some similarities, i think they are very different..so if you can find it at a better price, just get it! :D
thanks Shlomi!
thanks guys! i love them too :P i bought both pairs for 320e shipped so im super lucky and decided to go with my size for both of them. couldnt risk them ending up being too large. thats what happend with my first 888p and my 805A, i got them both in 32x30 and both ended up being too large after a couple of months. now im desperate to find a pair of shioner 805A in 31x30 but i think ill have to get it from yoox in 31x32...if anyone knows anything, please let me know...
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