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this!!! where did you find them???? :O 
Just received krooley 882D from ebay for just 50e lol. man these are super soft and thin. i wear 30 in krooleys and these are 29!!!
Phukette that leather jacket is AWESOME ._ excellent purchase indeed man. and those 8ML...damn i wish i could find me a pair! 
what is it that you type for the code??
@Dieselicious will try to take one soon man thanks! @Shlomi i got my usual size but it does feel a bit larger. I dont know if its because i bought it a bit used or if it runs larger in general. But i like how it fits!
thanks bro! 
i totally agree. its one of my favourite pairs. i cant wait for the weather to become colder so i can wear every one of my jeans during the morning. right now i can only manage to wear jeans that have thinner fabric and only at night when its colder.
@denim addict, no unfortunately yoox doesnt have 30L so i had to buy them from that guy on ebay whos selling several sizes in 30L on ebay, i had them delivered to Dieselicious and then he shipped them to me. lol. this pair has been through quite a trip :P but i really needed to have this wash in the correct size. i have them in 32x30 which im selling now but they were too loose since ive lost like 8kgs from when i had bought them. 
will do when i get the chance. jeans are still a big NO during the day over here :P its way too hot so id probably melt lol
thavar 888p in size 32x30. very rare pair to come by, especially in this size! been washed once, stacking has almost disappeared but still in excellent condition! PM me if more photos are needed. im only selling this pair cause ive lost weight and its too loose for me now so its better off going to someone who will wear it more!  shipping cost: 10 pounds to Europe. i might consider shipping it to the US for a bit more, but im not responsible for any duties, taxes to be...
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