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thanks! yeah 816K looks amazing, apart from the small hole on the left knee which is very dangerous when putting them on in a hurry lol 
big day today...theres nothing better than having a super boring morning studying when suddenly the postman rings and brings you two of the best washes this season IMO shioner 817H, thavar 816K. i got my usual size for both and they fit perfect! LOVE them :D      
glorious, i can only comment on the second outfit due to the lighting in the first, and it rocks! what brand is the jacket? and the shoes? lol
yup, great fit! did you get your usual thavar size? 
their colour looks great! 
those look niiiice Ramirez! what size did you get? your usual thavar size? im assuming they will loosen up a bit
@DC, love those 817H! cant wait to receive mine @leftvapor, great outfit man! 
cause i might grab a pair but im not sure if i should size up from my usual tepphar size or get the same size. thanks! 
i have a totally irrelevant question, lol... what size is that tepphar 881W and is it your usual tepphar/thavar size?? thanks :P
hahahah i saw that too! how on earth do they want to sell a cropped 8880M ???? 
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