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+1 ... im so gonna get these
im pretty sure they are jogg jeans and they just used details from older washes
oh great. ill definetely check it out then. thanks! :D
looks good Dieselolic. but maybe not for people with bigger thighs ? even so, i want to see what other washes theyll release in this cut. 
abso-fucking-lutely true....lol...ive went many times to the diesel store and the sales assistants either didnt know the washes or the cuts or how they fit.......sucks! besides that......man this is gorgeous! stunning really! i wish i could have a wall like that in my house....maybe when i get older and live on my own >_> i think ill have like 100 pairs until then though lol. great work man!  
fantastic photo Aahz! and of course great style as usual
noooo........really DC???? im full of envy >_> post photos as soon as you get them man. those are a super must wash! excellent purchase btw
@Phukette , man the shioner fits you great! glad you liked them! need to have my new pair hemmed so i can wear them too..   @gloriouscafe  i said it on the whats your latest purchase thread too, the-griffin-is-awesome! 
thats it. i will fork out the money and get the griffin. ill rob someone if necessary. fucking awesome! great purchase man 
do dsquared jeans stretch or lose their shape as easily as some diesel washes do? kind of a general question as it depends on the wash etc..
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