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Can anyone comment on the fit of thavar-ne please? Im a W31 in almost all thavars, shioners etc and a w30 in krooleys, krooley-nes. should i opt for W30 or a W32??
Personally, id feel enough satisfaction by having them arranged like that in my basement since very few people can understand our "addiction". No point in showcasing them just for others to make us feel like a weirdo haha. But at the moment, no basement -_- lol
i see, cheers
nice fit. what size is it? small? 
thanks DC! yeah the fadings on the thighs are kinda similar but 817H is more brownish. i think im gonna wear the 817H in the next days.
tepphar 602M . ive never tried it but i suspect it fits like all other tepphars. size down if you want the legging fit or take your usual size for a normal fit. hope this helps! 
thanks mate! 
@kynhonglongbong  sure, its 6618R 
sorry for the crappy pic -cant be compared with DCs and Aahzs ultra professional photos :P - but heres what i wore today.    scotch soda tee which i got from ebay for 11 pounds instead of 30+ they usually charge on their website thavar 816K timberland shoes 
@Phukette when a woman just laughs after youve asked her something, it usually means YESNO  lol ...     that wall is something else, really. im not sure though if i would do it like that or if i would create a room closet and turn one wall into a denim wall and the rest just wooden shelves etc. it all depends on what space one has to spare. for instance all my 40+ pairs are stored on just two shelves cause i have TONS of free space right now  hahahah
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