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then im just unlucky/slow :P anyway, great purchase! 
Great! Too bad they dont have a size W30
Weird...i have loads of washes that come with or without the patch and fit the same. Its just a matter of getting the correct size on 818Y for instance, you must size down. Just like in last seasons darron 809v
Did you size down on 818Y? If not, try sizing down as it fits larger
@denimneverdies no problem
@straychev    from what season are these jeans?   http://www.yoox.com/nl/42313664QH/item?dept=men#sts=sr_men80&cod10=42313664QH&sizeId=2     dont know the season but those are krooley-ne 800B i think   @denimneverdies    im 90% positive that these are:   1) thavar 888N 2) thavar 800x 3) thavar 801C
Hmmm mine are more relaxed than that and i know thavar ne is more jeans like. Thats why i cant decide on the size :/
Fantastic reply suckram thanks. i have krooley ne 800b in w30 and whil it was kinda tight in the beggining, its fits ok now with a bit of a saggy bum. i guess its more straightforward being a w32 than the in between size w31... i dont know if itll stretch out enough to a nice fit and i dont know if they have thavar ne here in the stores in athens. crap
Can anyone comment on the fit of thavar-ne please? Im a W31 in almost all thavars, shioners etc and a w30 in krooleys, krooley-nes. should i opt for W30 or a W32??
Personally, id feel enough satisfaction by having them arranged like that in my basement since very few people can understand our "addiction". No point in showcasing them just for others to make us feel like a weirdo haha. But at the moment, no basement -_- lol
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