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i just received my new pair of shioner 805A which is 31x32 (cause 32x30 became way too large for me) and it fits kinda tight but ok. maybe the same as my shioner 801A (again 31x32) so it might have to do with ones body type. and i find that in all the washes that i own, its always better to stick to your size except for particular washes like 809v and 804K for which you have to size down as they run larger. of course there are some very few exceptions for which sizing up...
@straychev  get your usual size. dont size up or down. if you are a strict W30 and maybe a W29 in washes that run larger, then go with W30. measurements can be misleading (DC i dont mean that you cant take proper measurements!!! :P ) its just from personal experience. im a strict W31 in 95% of thavars (5% W30 since newer washes are very thin or stretch a lot), shioners etc,  W30 in krooleys (and braddoms even though i dont buy any) W30-31 in darrons-tepphars depending...
i see. thanks!  
@straychev  how would you descrive Dior Intense? is it TOO intense or just right? 
umm im not sure i understand the question but.... every season they make 2-3 special washes and decide that these are the blue eyecons which makes these washes some sort of a collectors item. but you can definetely find washes that are very special and yet, not named a blue eyecon OR you can get a blue eyecon that is ugly. or maybe a kinda cool wash in a bad/mediocre cut (depending on ones preference of course) 
yes shioner/safado 817H are a blue eyecon. the same goes for darron 818Y and narrot/waykee 603Z. thavar 816K on the other hand, is not a blue eyecon. 
damn....ainu shirt looks great...and that jacket..............one of the two military jackets ive been eyeing on their site. so badass! 
yeah same here, only 15% off. i bought a pair of shioner 805A since i needed to size down...now ill only need to hem it as 30L is practically impossible to find....anyway, cheers straychev! 
javi i got 74K in my usual size and i dont have skinny legs. id say you got it in your usual size. dont size up or down
sani- its better if you ask him yourself as i dont want to be liable for saying something incorrect etc. he created a profile in here too. 
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