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@Phukette great outfit man. awesome! what size did you get for that blazer? and whats the brand of the shoes? 
@denim addict thanks for the tip but ive already checked and they have neither of them in my size 
881z..........i wish i could find a pair in iakop or in braddom in my size....one of the most elusive modern washes -_-
@Sanibeldude  looking good. i was considering adding those to the list but they look very similar to my tepphar 807D so ill have to pass. post pics of the other washes when you can though! :D
@Shlomi  i got my usual size and it still fits pretty snug on me
thavar 801C  
not sure if i hate them or if fucking love them ....lol...need to think about it. they definetely are very very special. excellent fit in both sizes i might say!  
in my case, there are a few washes id like to get. belther 824E for instance is a must for me. and 1-2 blue eyecons of course. the thing with 824Y is that even though it definetely needs clothes with a specific color (i think that it cant be easily matched with everything), its very special indeed. maybe a bit too loud but combined with plain shoes and tops it looks nice. 
this wash has started growing on me actually...maybe its the outfit of leftvapor, i think brown shoes and plum coloured hoody match it perfectly. but i still ahve to decide if its worth it or not.
Great outfit phukette. is that the duncan shirt?
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