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do dsquared jeans stretch or lose their shape as easily as some diesel washes do? kind of a general question as it depends on the wash etc..
great outfits everyone! should also post a photo myself. can anyone comment on tepphar 813W in comparison to tepphar 820S?? ive read that tepphar 813W stretches very much so im wondering if i should size down in both of them when i get them...or should i only size down on 820S ? 
if thats the case............. FW14 marks the end of me being a buyer of new diesel washes ^_^ and ill probably have all the older washes i want until then, so maybe ill stop buying diesel jeans altogether
btw, i think that this seller is the user pryv75 (or something) on here 
lol! they did it again....WTF?! why do they sell cut off jeans? whos going to buy them? seriously...
@karacho  great! you are making me regret for shaving my beard lol 
awesome dude. definetely on my list. 
thanks mate. yeah shioner has had the luck of having some of the best washes ever made. 8PN, 880W, 805A, 801A, 817H...i wish some washes existed for shioner and not thavar or other cuts. btw, theres a shioner 8QP on ebay   http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DIESE-JEANS-SHIONER-008QP-3D-EDITION-32-32-FW13-14-THAVAR-THANAZ-TEPPHAR-/151141976075?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_212&hash=item2330c3880b   thats an old wash remade for a great cut. im gonna buy those as soon as they appear on the...
cheers guys! 
havent posted a fit pic in a while   LOST t-shirt Shioner 880W -finally managed to fit well in these and i love them- chucks
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