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maybe because of currency difference? you could use a "proxy" as in, send the money to someone from here who lives in Germany so he can buy the stuff and ship them to you, so you save up a lot in terms of prices of the things you want to buy and also pay the shipping cost to Poland 
i personally believe the fit is excellent. youll just have to get used it first ;)
i dont think Phukette has time either :P baltimore's idea is the best and the most efficient one as well
authentic 100%. how much did you pay for them if i may ask? do you remember if it had other older washes in size 29/30 as well?  
that coat is fucking awesome zdenal! u made me want to buy one similar myself :P
that 8SV is so badass....i wish we could have more washes like that one, or like other old washes in the following seasons..
oh wow....i really like this wash and the fact it comes on sleenker! i think im getting it 
i find it interesting that many people who used to wear bootcuts or straights tend to slowly move on to slimmer and slimmer cuts. i started with darron and thavar (and back in the days i had a couple of zathan) and now im very into sleenkers and tepphars. and thavars as well because of the washes 
can anybody tell me if apart from the -30% sale, there is going to be an extra -10% or -20%? and when? i think something like that happened last year for some washes. 
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