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http://www.yoox.com/us/42339531TO/item?dept=denimmen#sts=sr_denimmen80&cod10=42339531TO&sizeId=   shioner 600R which is super soft and nice.
@Denim Collector i was talking about the dark grey thavar 818V. you have it in belther, right? the fabric should be the same... your pair hasnt stretched at all? 
@gloriouscafe yeah same here, but ive heard mixed opinions about them so cant decide. with that code, it becomes much easier though 
i am so getting the 828T ... 
hmmm....is it worth getting thavar 818v with that discount code? i wonder.....
can anyone please help me locate a pair of thavar 816N in light green, size W31 ??? i think its been available only through EU stores so if someone can check at a store where they live to see if its available, id be enormously grateful!!! 
interesting indeed. itll probably also vary a lot from pair to pair since it has all that bleaching going on. but if most of the pairs look like the pair on jeansonline then i think the wash is not worth its price....... ill have to see photos of actual pairs first 
@arte i sold mine in hopes of buying it again but missed the chance. i loved its quality. if i can find it on ebay in Small ill probably grab it again 
@arte i had the Kushiro in Medium and it turned out to be larger than id like it to. im approx. 1.75 and 76kg with wide shoulders. so id suggest you take a size small. if you like it very fitted then even a X small might fit you but better try them on first i guess
LOL!!! @ last posts :D      @baltimore i have 800B which has become pretty much relaxed but still wearable. i dont think its going to lose its shape more than that unless i get fat. 603M is holding its shape pretty well but its fabric is totally different than that of 800B, it feels like its stronger and more stiff. i wish all joggs were like this. i havent tried 800D but ive heard its one of the best joggs so in terms of quality it might be like 800D, or even better. 
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