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Great outfit phukette. is that the duncan shirt?
Why on earth does thavar 823Q cost 300e+ ???? :O
i like the fit but it being so "loud" troubles me...i might stay away from it in the end. 
Allsaints jacket & tshirt Thavar 886B
Will that -50$ discount be valid even when the sales begin? :P
Probably only darron and shioner
Hmmm....i have the 880g so maybe theres no point in getting 604b as well
Ive bought my 886b from them. was satisfied with my purchase
ah i see. yeah removing wisdom teeth sucks. had all 4 of them removed 10 years ago or so and still remember what you said about not being able to eat properly lol. how would you compare 604B to 880G? is it more or less the same but a bit darker?
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