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if i remember correctly you are in general thin etc, right? no wide shoulders and muscles. so i should opt for a L if i were to try it out. 
a jogg jean jacket for 95e ? sounds good.....but what size should one try??? crap. 
my 811p in L30 runs longer than my 888p in L30 so if you tried 811p in L30 and was alright, try 888p in L32. L34 is for people that are either very tall or that have very very long legs in my opinion
@ronlol thanks for the advice. seems like i should just go to a diesel store and try some shirts out when i have the time. 
@Ramirez @Phukette excellent outfits gentlemen!    can anyone comment on how diesel shirts fit? im almost always a medium in everything but i have no clue how their shirts or tshirts fit....should i try a large? i didnt want to start a new thread just to ask this :3 
ahahahha ive seen that. definetely the worst wash ive seen in the last 2-3 seasons...
i have both 888p and 816K in my usual size which is 31x30 and both feel fine. maybe a bit tight in the beggining but both have loosened up a bit so it all comes down to how you want your jeans to fit you. 811p runs a bit larger and its much thinner than 880i, 888p and 816K. my guess is that 816K and 888p will fit you in W27 the same way 880i fits you. 
yup that t-shirt would be fine. try tshirts that are brown, white or cream with brown details, white with deep blue details..or if  you roll the jeans up once you could try a mint coloured tshirt. scotch & soda should have a few of this colour. 
i tried sleenker 824p today....im not sure if i liked the fit. i had to size up from my usual size and still felt tight. 
looks nice to me! 
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