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not sure if i hate them or if fucking love them ....lol...need to think about it. they definetely are very very special. excellent fit in both sizes i might say!  
in my case, there are a few washes id like to get. belther 824E for instance is a must for me. and 1-2 blue eyecons of course. the thing with 824Y is that even though it definetely needs clothes with a specific color (i think that it cant be easily matched with everything), its very special indeed. maybe a bit too loud but combined with plain shoes and tops it looks nice. 
this wash has started growing on me actually...maybe its the outfit of leftvapor, i think brown shoes and plum coloured hoody match it perfectly. but i still ahve to decide if its worth it or not.
Great outfit phukette. is that the duncan shirt?
Why on earth does thavar 823Q cost 300e+ ???? :O
i like the fit but it being so "loud" troubles me...i might stay away from it in the end. 
Allsaints jacket & tshirt Thavar 886B
Will that -50$ discount be valid even when the sales begin? :P
Probably only darron and shioner
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