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Will that -50$ discount be valid even when the sales begin? :P
Probably only darron and shioner
Hmmm....i have the 880g so maybe theres no point in getting 604b as well
Ive bought my 886b from them. was satisfied with my purchase
ah i see. yeah removing wisdom teeth sucks. had all 4 of them removed 10 years ago or so and still remember what you said about not being able to eat properly lol. how would you compare 604B to 880G? is it more or less the same but a bit darker?
i agree with the rest of the guys. fit is perfect in both pairs! im absolutely jealous about the tepphar 820Q.....i need to get it god damn it! as far as your sizing down is concerned...did you size down to get a better fit or because you lost some weight and were forced to sizing down??   i think i might be in almost the same situation....not knowing whether i should start getting one size smaller or not. but in the end, one size larger/smaller might not be such a big...
need to find a way to take better photos.   energie hoody - i dont like the brand but i love this hoody tepphar 807D - love it....but im wondering how much itll stretch black leather chucks
same here.....desperately need it in 31x30 ........if anyone knows where to get it at a better price please let me know! 
@zdenal_cz  since we wear the same size in standard jeans, what size would you get in thavar-ne if you were to buy one?
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