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scotch&soda has loads of washes that look very similar to Diesel washes but i have never tried their jeans... their tshirts are the best tshirts ive ever tried though so maybe their jeans are just as nice. 
@iPaul those must be the basket butch boots from Diesel. been eyeing a pair myself :P 
great fit indeed! i also like the combo with the light grey jumper. very nice! 
can they offer even better prices? i might grab 1-2 joggs from them if yes 
i have all three in W31. i rarely like risking sizing up/down unless its a wash for which everybody advises to size down (804K for instance which runs ultra large ). i probably could have taken W30 in 811p but it isnt a big deal. it hasnt stretched out so much. my 888p has stretched just a tiny bit and the fit is perfect. even when i got them the fit was  perfect. but i dont mind my thavars/shioners/thanaz being snug. so all i can say is that you should try W27. itll...
my 811p was just right when i first got them. after 2-3 times i wore them, they loosened up quite a lot compared to my 888p. so id suggest you take your usual size. dont size up or down. i did size up the first time i got a pair of 888p and after i lost like 3-4 kgs, they were enormous. so i got them in W31 which feel perfect. as far as lenght is concerned try asking for measurements if you are going to order them online. if not, just take a measuring tape with you and...
if i remember correctly you are in general thin etc, right? no wide shoulders and muscles. so i should opt for a L if i were to try it out. 
a jogg jean jacket for 95e ? sounds good.....but what size should one try??? crap. 
my 811p in L30 runs longer than my 888p in L30 so if you tried 811p in L30 and was alright, try 888p in L32. L34 is for people that are either very tall or that have very very long legs in my opinion
@ronlol thanks for the advice. seems like i should just go to a diesel store and try some shirts out when i have the time. 
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