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cant go wrong with the 833Y and the bloomsbury denim jacket, even though id have used a different combination of tshirt-sneakers color! like white tshirt and those sneakers, or that tshirt and white sneakers. still, very nice @Phukette
  im a happy man right now :P 
@Dieselicious i will upload photos later today or tomorrow buddy, you were right about the fit of the 73J. its spot on!   @Hawk yeah they are even better in real life! for some reason though i insist on getting my sleenkers in W29 which makes them kind of tight all over so i need to wear them a bit for them to relax. that was the case with 827K and 886Z, super tight in the beginning and after a few wears they became super nice and comfortable
my purchases in the last two weeks.... 840x, 662I and 73J with the help from Dieselicious who as always has been extremely helpful and a great proxy DBG light blue jeans -i dont know the wash code but i won them from ebay for something like 20GBP- and on top, brown dress shoes from yoox, brand is Alexander Trend and the elusive sleenker 609T which is a very nice and simple washed black wash 
for sale the following pairs.    thavar 834A blue eyecon 30x30 worn once so practically new - 110GBP or best (reasonable) offer   thavar 8x2 29x30 worn 7-8 times but condition is great - sold   tepphar 813W 31x30 (they fit me like W30), worn 4 times and condition is like new - 45GBP or best (reasonable) offer   i will ship anywhere but shipping cost will change according to where you are located
yes sorry, i left on vacations for a few days. i will be back on friday i think and i will send them to you. sorry for the delay
their condition is pretty good. i will pm you with some photos later on
@CLarsson excellent! 
i have one in W30 L30 and its in pretty good condition. PM me with your offer
i know this probably is the wrong thread but i didnt were else to ask this...could someone tell me how does type-253 fit more or less? and more specifically this wash: http://store.diesel.com/gb/diesel-black-gold/jeans_cod36729653le.html   ive been eyeing it for a while 
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