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would you size down to W26 if you could get a hold of a pair? in order to avoid the expected stretch . i mean, would you be able to fit in a W26? i might size down on this one when time comes to get my pair 
@Loki totally normal, mine has them as well
i would so love to get a pair of those sneakers....or a pair of acne sneakers but damn they are expensive 
this wash is so nice. it really looks like a black version of 829B 
@Denim Collector if they are similar to 829B then i would size down as much as possible. i am now a strict W30 in almost every cut and wash and when i went to my local diesel store to try a few pairs and wanted to try 829B, they didnt have it in my size so they gave me a W28 (!) which fit me perfectly from waist to calves. 
they look nice but they are more like a wash between 8QP and 886B IMO. the closest wash to 886B is that of those grey narrot-ne
i just received my thavar-ne 604Z......im speechless. ill probably stop buying regular jeans and start buying only joggs lol. during summer at least they must be incredibly comfortable. 
i knew that thanaz was to be discontinued. i had never heard about shioner. it kinda saddens me cause i like how shioner fits me to be honest. 
nice glorious. i so envy you for the 825I 
i think he has most of the better washes and with his prices, its probably enough. i wouldnt ask for more anyway.   ive never had any sort of problem purchasing from him. most guys whove purchased something from him will agree with me i think
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