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i just tried 830P. unfortunately not in my size but that wash is a thing of beauty! very very nice
yeah same here. but not in safado
yeah it does look very cool...but i have no clue of what size to get and stores here in Greece are lagging behind (they are still selling the old collection). 
hey buddy! whats up? they are in perfect condition. ive worn them like once. their total length is 32.1 inches, i just measured it now to make sure
Krooley 801N BNWT 30x32 - 80 pounds Thanaz 8QP in good condition 31x30 - 60 pounds For more photos or if you have any questions, please message me. i can make a better price if you buy more than one pair. Shipping cost to EU: 10-12 pounds Shipping cost to other countries: around 18 pounds but have to find out first
beautiful pair of jogg jeans. im selling it at almost half the price. never worn it nor tried it on. i will ship almost anywhere. please message me if you are interested or if you have any questions. i might accept a reasonable offer.  shipping cost is around 10-12 pounds to the EU with a tracked service and around 18 pounds to other countries. 
@DC would you say that theres no need to size down for the 830P? im pretty sure i should size down for 608T if its like 886B but for 830P, if its like 817H etc, should i stick to my size? 
both tepphars look great . but what color is the first one exactly? dark blue or faded black? 
@Weenie belther 830J http://www.dedicatedfashion.nl/belther-830j
this sucks........i need to find a money making plant or something
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