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congrats glorious! i wish i had some money available at the moment to buy the elusive kushiro in small 
good idea baltimore! Jeans i WANT: thavar 608T, 833Z, 830P   W30 L30 thavar-ne 830Q, 600S, 609M  W30 maybe w29? depending on the wash
@Phukette any of the two blue eyecons weve seen so far?  
@zdenal_cz i found them both on ebay. for the 604N i could either pay like 140 pounds or try and win the auction, for the 604Z it was an auction, in the end i won both auctions and i paid like 180 pounds for both of them, shipped. so i got extremely lucky. giamat is kinda slow in replying, always has been. lets hope hes on a business trip to get the new washes 
i agree. maybe that too. maybe i should sell off half of my collection to buy the new ones. why mr. formichetti??????  or maybe i should keep only 7-8 pairs of normal jeans and just buy all the thavar joggs i can get my hands on.   im already waiting for my 604N and 604Z to get here...im excited to add them to my collection. im pretty sure i wont get enough of them.  
oh yeah....correction, at least 4 washes T_T (and thats only in thavars ive seen so far....i have no idea what belthers/tepphars will be out) . strange though that we havent seen a single shioner yet thavar 608T, 833Z, 833J(maybe), 830P thavar-ne 830Q, 607U, 609M  T____T and thats only with what ive seen so far 
damn....like glorious said...apologies to nicola. ive seen at least 3 washes id like to get...and at least 2 joggs.....
FFFFFUUUUU**.....this wash looks even better in photos........this will probably be the first wash ill get from the new collection. GIAMAT HURRY UP.
@Denim Collector i cant say about 801A cause i had it hemmed and the knee wrinkles are a bit lower than they should be BUT i totally agree about 824E...in fact im thinking of selling my 8QQ. i have the black krooley jogg and now this belther (and thanaz 8IE which i dont wear very much) so i think im ok with these three for now. i wore it today and it felt so great. maybe its because its the first pair i bought in the correct size since ive lost some weight and it fits like...
belther 824E , probably one of the best fitting jeans ive EVER had. plain white scotch&soda tee converse biker leather trainers
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