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the photos of the joggs you just posted are of tepphar-ne, not of krooley-ne. i may be mistaken but tepphar-ne dont stretch out as much as krooley-ne. i dont own a pair but its just an educated guess due to their totally different structure.
@zdenal_cz the tshirt looks very nice man. hows the fit? looks like its on the loose side
I wouldnt size up on the joggs either. in my experience they will stretch out as much as you need to have a nice fit. if you size up, itll be very comfortable in the beggining but im almost 100% certain that they will become very saggy after a few wears (even though 800D is one of the stiffest joggs). consider the fact that due to them being so comfortable, youll end up wearing them quite often so id say keep W28.    just for your reference, when i bought a pair of 800B...
check @giamatshop listings. hes selling this tepphar and has some real life photos, even though they are kinda dark
id say go with 31 in tepphar in most washes. some washes run much larger so you can size down to 30 but in my experience you should get a W31 in most tepphars. in others, like 807D you can safely size down to 30. i got it in 31 and it has stretched a bit so i should have taken a W30. other than that, in shioner thavar thanaz i get W31 and in krooley jogg W30 (most of which stretch but thats the whole point in getting a pair of jogg jeans IMO, to have a pair of jeans that...
hmmm i have no clue about whether those stretch or not cause ive never tried them on but i still believe that two sizes down is a longshot. i dont have much experience with braddom but i always sized down one whenever i tried a pair. the same goes for krooley (Except for 882D which runs ultra large). maybe you could order the pair, try it and if it doesnt fit, return it i guess or sell it and take a small hit
first of all....you forgot to mention which wash you are referring to as it always depends on the wash. also, two sizes down, in my personal experience is very very very rare that youll be able to get away with it. out of the almost 40 pairs i own, i only got a pair krooley 882D in two sizes down and it fits fine. so my bet is that W28 will be very difficult to stretch THAT much. if you could find it in W29, itd be much more feasible in my opinion. hope this helps
neither of them seems to be available at the moment. 
@leftvapor he is most probably the same person but changed his username, maybe due to lots of negative feedback (?) i dont know. but like you said, hes always been a nice person to deal with
@Aramis , its bombchucart i think
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