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ok, thanks! 
@Phukette  that thavar looks nice! nice purchases and im glad you liked the jogg ;)   @leftvapor nice purchases as well! you got W29 for your 822R ?? i had seen this wash some time ago but was undecided.    lol, wrong thread >_>      editing again to ask a question to anybody who might know...i had bought a pair of Diesel Thor shoes in size UK9/ EU42 which i sold cause they were kinda big. now im interested in buying a pair from the US but im unsure of whether to...
@zdenal_cz  yes sorry, returns are not free. my mistake. maybe they are free for the Netherlands. 
@zdenal_cz i cant say with 100% certainty but in scotch&soda i always get a medium. maybe even a small in some tshirts/sweaters. i think Diesel tops run smaller. last time i had bought a tshirt from diesel, i got it in Large. but anyway, scotch&soda have free deliveries/returns so you can get two sizes and try ;) i just got two tshirts from their sale ^^
scotch&soda has loads of washes that look very similar to Diesel washes but i have never tried their jeans... their tshirts are the best tshirts ive ever tried though so maybe their jeans are just as nice. 
@iPaul those must be the basket butch boots from Diesel. been eyeing a pair myself :P 
great fit indeed! i also like the combo with the light grey jumper. very nice! 
can they offer even better prices? i might grab 1-2 joggs from them if yes 
i have all three in W31. i rarely like risking sizing up/down unless its a wash for which everybody advises to size down (804K for instance which runs ultra large ). i probably could have taken W30 in 811p but it isnt a big deal. it hasnt stretched out so much. my 888p has stretched just a tiny bit and the fit is perfect. even when i got them the fit was  perfect. but i dont mind my thavars/shioners/thanaz being snug. so all i can say is that you should try W27. itll...
my 811p was just right when i first got them. after 2-3 times i wore them, they loosened up quite a lot compared to my 888p. so id suggest you take your usual size. dont size up or down. i did size up the first time i got a pair of 888p and after i lost like 3-4 kgs, they were enormous. so i got them in W31 which feel perfect. as far as lenght is concerned try asking for measurements if you are going to order them online. if not, just take a measuring tape with you and...
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