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my size used to be 31x30 and i had bought 803W in 31x30 which fit perfectly and 809v in 30x30 which again fit perfectly. now i have lost some weight and my 803W is quite loose and im thinking of selling it even though i love it and my 809v fits kinda ok. as far as the two washes youve mentioned, i had 887Q in krooley but id say you dont have to size down on that one. i have no idea about 803s . btw 887Q in darron is super ultra mega rare. ive never seen it anywhere, so...
@Numa1978    nice fit on the 886B. as for darron it depends on the wash. for washes like 803W stick to your size, for washes like 809v you should size down one. 
yeah thought so too man but those are boots and i really like how clean the outfit looks so i was wondering where i could find a pair of boots like those
can anyone please identify this pair of shoes or something very very similar to them?  http://www.6pm.com/diesel-thavar-ne-jogg-slim-skinny-825i-black-denim
@VincentVega awesome leather jacket man. also, is it me or have you lost a lot of weight? fantastic work! keep it up! 
@zdenal_cz 813w is so nice. what brand are the shoes? converse? if so, do you have any better pics of them?
fantastic outfit @Aahz 
Im really struggling to find something i like so far....
damn that thavar 829B is really growing on me...
im so envious of you DC! thats probably the best wash ive ever seen/tried. too bad it was way too tight for me back then
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