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personally i have both washes, 811p in thavar and 888r in krooley and i love them both. the decision is totally up to you.
im approximately 1.75, 76kg, kind of muscular build and i have both 74K and 816K in 31x30. 816K fits fine but mayyybe the waist tends to stretch a bit more than id like to. 74K keeps its shape but its super tight on my calves. i hope this helps
the command and the post commander. the post commander is sort of a tan/camel/weird brown colour, i havent received the command yet. and ive got a brown superdry brad jacket 
hmm im kinda looking for a black leather jacket. i have like 2 brown leather jackets at the moment. thanks though! 
@scottystyle do you have any black leather jacket in small/medium? :P 
damn this thread has been so full of style these past few days!    great outfit Phukette! 
i can already hear my bank account crying and moaning. lol. i kinda like the super ultra frayed ripped thavar but i doubt i would ever buy it...as far as blue eyecons are concerned, i like the third one. kinda reminds me of 816K but im gonna wait to see in what other cuts the three of them will be released... 
im debating whether to get shioner 604B or wait and get it in tepphar! 
oh boy...i saw at least 6 pairs id like to get... and i was hoping to avoid declaring bankcruptcy...    belther 821T, 823U, 824E shioner 823V, 824Y tepphar 824T (maybe a couple of sleenkers too...)   but hopefully at least 2 of these wont look as good in real life ^_^ also...why do i have a feeling that one of the two shioners ive mentioned will be a blue eyecon? - i just checked the website and none of them seems to have the blue tag...maybe blue eyecons wont be...
+1 ... im so gonna get these
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