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@DieselBoy786 thanks for the answer. in other words, theres no need to size down on either of them. 
@DieselBoy786 between 833z and 833j, which of the two fits looser/tighter? or do they both fit the same? 
all im going to say is that he resolved the issue. so theres no need to take any action at the moment. the transaction went smoothly apart from this dispute. and when i had bought a 887K from him, again it went well. 
crap...should i have sized down for the 608T? i didnt want to risk it being too tight and in the end it ended being OK and the 830P ended up being uber tight in the same size. 
  one of my latest purchases, 608T in 29x30. the fit is great but im not sure if the fabric will stretch. i also got 830P in the same size and its way wayyyy tighter
ok guys, i can confirm that indeed it was a mistake on his behalf and that he closed the dispute thank god. appart from this mistake that almost gave me a heart attack, i can assure everyone on here that our transaction was smooth. he paid instantly, i shipped the next day and he received the jeans very quickly. since he resolved the issue, i can only say it was an honest mistake. i rushed into asking everybodys opinion cause i have already been fooled once by a buyer this...
he just replied saying that it was a mistake. as soon as he closes the dispute i will let everybody know that it was a mistake.  
hey guys, i really need your help on this one. i had sold my pair of 801C and 803U a couple of weeks ago to a user of denimblog who is called "Puremorning" . he didnt agree to buy directly through paypal so i sold them through ebay. he messaged me that he received the jeans, that he loved 803U but didnt like 801C so he was thinking of selling it. If you check on ebay and on here, he is indeed selling the same pair of jeans i have sold him, in fact he used the same...
real id say
are you selling them because they are too similar to 609M ?
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