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@DC would you say that theres no need to size down for the 830P? im pretty sure i should size down for 608T if its like 886B but for 830P, if its like 817H etc, should i stick to my size? 
both tepphars look great . but what color is the first one exactly? dark blue or faded black? 
@Weenie belther 830J http://www.dedicatedfashion.nl/belther-830j
this sucks........i need to find a money making plant or something
pryv75 you are right. didnt remember you had. how would you compare them against 8QP ? i guess theres no reason of getting both the 8QP and the 830Q since they are very similar in colour, right? 
can you take some photos and post them here or send them with a message to me? as for your question on giamat's listing, yes sometimes he is slow to reply cause he's missing but he will eventually reply dont worry
mine was maybe like 816K but had a better fit
has anyone seen thavar-ne 830Q in real life? how close is that shade of grey it to that of the 8QP wash? 
ciao, ma questo in W30 e ancora disponibile?
thats how giamatshop is actually, there are times when he doesnt reply etc because hes at some business trip or something, but when he ships an item, damn he is fast!  
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