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very nice man. i see youre rocking the pair of boots you got from me :P
that thavar looks awesome! what size did you get? and hows the fit on those ralstons? sorry i just checked the photo. does it feel snug and stiff or will it stretch out? 
whats a bigger proof than a bunch of guys who own 5-40 AUTHENTIC pairs of diesel jeans saying that your pair is 100% authentic? lol 
100% authentic. all details are the same as the 884S i had tried on at a diesel outlet. and by the way...for the price he paid for it, he shouldnt even complain...
oh im getting both of them....and both thavar blue eyecons. 
http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DIESEL-THAVAR-0830P-830P-32-32-SLIM-SKINNY-2014-15-SHIONER-THANAZ-TEPPHAR-/151323772166?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_212&hash=item233b998506 this wash looks even nicer in these photos...
not really my style BUT you won it at a great price man! 
@Gpoop still way too expensive at the moment for me :P especially after ive discovered giamatshop who has brought down the price for diesels i used to pay by like 40% :P i guess ill have to start saving a few euros here and there and maybe one day ill buy a pair
first is thavar 608T ,second i dont really know
then ill size down for sure. if i managed to fit in a W28 829B without it fitting like leggings i believe a W29 will be fine for 608T 
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