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hmmm i have no clue about whether those stretch or not cause ive never tried them on but i still believe that two sizes down is a longshot. i dont have much experience with braddom but i always sized down one whenever i tried a pair. the same goes for krooley (Except for 882D which runs ultra large). maybe you could order the pair, try it and if it doesnt fit, return it i guess or sell it and take a small hit
first of all....you forgot to mention which wash you are referring to as it always depends on the wash. also, two sizes down, in my personal experience is very very very rare that youll be able to get away with it. out of the almost 40 pairs i own, i only got a pair krooley 882D in two sizes down and it fits fine. so my bet is that W28 will be very difficult to stretch THAT much. if you could find it in W29, itd be much more feasible in my opinion. hope this helps
neither of them seems to be available at the moment. 
@leftvapor he is most probably the same person but changed his username, maybe due to lots of negative feedback (?) i dont know. but like you said, hes always been a nice person to deal with
@Aramis , its bombchucart i think
as far as Im concerned Ive never seen him sell any fakes and when i sold him a pair of jeans i owned he was more than cooperative, so......
thanks man!
excellent outfits everybody! today thanaz 8S9, solid! sweat, scotch soda tshirt and as always chucks \m/
Allsaints Duncan denim shirt Thanaz 8QP Timberland shoes 
scotch & soda tshirt tepphar 813W -one of the best 'simple' jeans i own IMO JV laceless converse shoes , like them a lot but i might have to sell them to get 0.5 size smaller. they run larger than usual
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