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damn....like glorious said...apologies to nicola. ive seen at least 3 washes id like to get...and at least 2 joggs.....
FFFFFUUUUU**.....this wash looks even better in photos........this will probably be the first wash ill get from the new collection. GIAMAT HURRY UP.
@Denim Collector i cant say about 801A cause i had it hemmed and the knee wrinkles are a bit lower than they should be BUT i totally agree about 824E...in fact im thinking of selling my 8QQ. i have the black krooley jogg and now this belther (and thanaz 8IE which i dont wear very much) so i think im ok with these three for now. i wore it today and it felt so great. maybe its because its the first pair i bought in the correct size since ive lost some weight and it fits like...
belther 824E , probably one of the best fitting jeans ive EVER had. plain white scotch&soda tee converse biker leather trainers
@gloriouscafe i was thinking about the same thing today. could we have been mistaken about him? ive seen 3-4 washes im quite interested in...  by the way, for those of you who havent seen it yet, this seems to be the first blue eyecon of the following season http://www.ebay.com/itm/DIESEL-THAVAR-0833J-833J-32-32-BLUE-EYECONS-EDITION-2014-2-SHIONER-THANAZ-/151303619118?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_212&hash=item233a66022e&clk_rvr_id=635995697964
i really like those swim shorts. great purchase! 
Is anyone able to find me a pair of thavar 816K in W30 L30? brand new or in good condition. please pm me as i have to sell my pair in order to size down!  
great fit buddy. and i like the combination of clothes 
im selling some of my jeans which dont fit me anymore cause ive lost lots of weight. most of them are like brand new. ive only worn tepphar 807D more than 5 times. the others have been worn once maybe twice.  THAVAR 816K W31 L30 - 110GBP   THAVAR 801D W31 - 90GBP   TEPPHAR 807D W31 L30 - 90GBP   KROOLEY 8NJ W30 L30 - 110GBP   KROOLEY 808Y W30 L30 - 110GBP im willing to listen to reasonable offers and if you have any questions please PM me and ill reply asap. i...
holy shit, 604N with the bloomsbury look so awesome together! awesome outfit buddy 
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