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LOL!!! @ last posts :D      @baltimore i have 800B which has become pretty much relaxed but still wearable. i dont think its going to lose its shape more than that unless i get fat. 603M is holding its shape pretty well but its fabric is totally different than that of 800B, it feels like its stronger and more stiff. i wish all joggs were like this. i havent tried 800D but ive heard its one of the best joggs so in terms of quality it might be like 800D, or even better. 
@maverick30 if youre referring to the one selling the 888p in 30x30 then yes he is, hes also a member on this blog
@Dieselicious  mine says its made in Romania 
@Dieselicious i cant say anything about 600v BUT.... 603M is the best jogg ive ever tried on both in terms of quality and fit
@ronlol ok thanks for the advice! will try 8.5 i suppose.    @leftvapor love the outfit man! leather jacket+tepphar+converse shoes = fantastic combo
@Dieselicious , i just checked on ebay and giamatshop has several sizes available on those krooley-ne, of course at an incredible price. got mine from him as well!  
yes those are BE 8NE, cant wait to receive mine. simple but yet great outfit Gpoop 
@borg the real problem is that ill have to use a proxy because im in Greece xD ill figure something out. thanks for the tip though! 
@ronlol sorry, i just checked the photos from my listing of my old thors, they were US 9/ EU42 and they felt like there was probably more than an inch of space in front of the toes 
i really like the combo! 
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