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im so envious of you DC! thats probably the best wash ive ever seen/tried. too bad it was way too tight for me back then
@straychev thavar 800x and probably from two seasons ago
all krooleys have a zip fly and yes that pair is authentic
size: 30x32 , these run large so will easily fit someone who wears a W31 . ive never worn them, just tried them on and decided i would pull them out once i had a good outfit in mind which never happened. Therefore im selling this very rare pair with tags attached. im willing to accept reasonable offers (95+ GBP) and i will ship almost anywhere as long as the buyer agrees with the fact that im not responsible for any package loss (has never happened so far)   shipping to...
this wash was made for the US flagstore. as you can see its in perfect conditions. im only selling it because im not wearing it. other than that, its a very very rare wash even though its identical to Thavar E-COM. size is 31x30 but it would also fit someone who wears a 32x30 as it runs large.   if you have any questions or offers just PM me. i will definitely ship to the EU and i will consider shipping to other places as long as buyer pays full shipping cost and agrees...
the photos of the joggs you just posted are of tepphar-ne, not of krooley-ne. i may be mistaken but tepphar-ne dont stretch out as much as krooley-ne. i dont own a pair but its just an educated guess due to their totally different structure.
@zdenal_cz the tshirt looks very nice man. hows the fit? looks like its on the loose side
I wouldnt size up on the joggs either. in my experience they will stretch out as much as you need to have a nice fit. if you size up, itll be very comfortable in the beggining but im almost 100% certain that they will become very saggy after a few wears (even though 800D is one of the stiffest joggs). consider the fact that due to them being so comfortable, youll end up wearing them quite often so id say keep W28.    just for your reference, when i bought a pair of 800B...
check @giamatshop listings. hes selling this tepphar and has some real life photos, even though they are kinda dark
id say go with 31 in tepphar in most washes. some washes run much larger so you can size down to 30 but in my experience you should get a W31 in most tepphars. in others, like 807D you can safely size down to 30. i got it in 31 and it has stretched a bit so i should have taken a W30. other than that, in shioner thavar thanaz i get W31 and in krooley jogg W30 (most of which stretch but thats the whole point in getting a pair of jogg jeans IMO, to have a pair of jeans that...
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