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thanks mate! 
@kynhonglongbong  sure, its 6618R 
sorry for the crappy pic -cant be compared with DCs and Aahzs ultra professional photos :P - but heres what i wore today.    scotch soda tee which i got from ebay for 11 pounds instead of 30+ they usually charge on their website thavar 816K timberland shoes 
@Phukette when a woman just laughs after youve asked her something, it usually means YESNO  lol ...     that wall is something else, really. im not sure though if i would do it like that or if i would create a room closet and turn one wall into a denim wall and the rest just wooden shelves etc. it all depends on what space one has to spare. for instance all my 40+ pairs are stored on just two shelves cause i have TONS of free space right now  hahahah
thats it. im getting a pair of those bad boys. and that background....epic! 
its one of those washes i didnt manage to get...i wonder if someone knows where to get the 803U in 31x30
Not my size....daaaaammmmnnn
yup @griff500 youre not being very helpful either.... is it a braddom or does it only have a braddom tag -therefore its just a "faulty" pair- ? if you like it, keep it. if you dont, contact the website and tell them what happened so you can arrange a return/refund or return and delivery of a thavar. 
@straychev those who live outside the EU and buy from european stores dont get to pay taxes etc
personally i have both washes, 811p in thavar and 888r in krooley and i love them both. the decision is totally up to you.
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