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as far as Im concerned Ive never seen him sell any fakes and when i sold him a pair of jeans i owned he was more than cooperative, so......
thanks man!
excellent outfits everybody! today thanaz 8S9, solid! sweat, scotch soda tshirt and as always chucks \m/
Allsaints Duncan denim shirt Thanaz 8QP Timberland shoes 
scotch & soda tshirt tepphar 813W -one of the best 'simple' jeans i own IMO JV laceless converse shoes , like them a lot but i might have to sell them to get 0.5 size smaller. they run larger than usual
@straychev those are Larkee 801Q . if you check where it says DETAILS: , it should also state the cut next to it. but yoox never states the wash. 
if tepphar and shioner get discontinued ill probably stop buying new washes from diesel and concentrate on those few old washes that kick ass. 
i can confirm 811p runs a bit larger so you could easily size down. maybe theyll be a bit snug in the beggining but youll get the desired fit quite quickly
second that! even though, its pretty fashionable lately the whole beard-tattoo combo. now almost everybody has a tattoo -me included :P - 
@straychev i have an almost 99cm chest and i had bought the kushiro leather jacket in medium and a plain white scoop tshirt in medium and both turned out to be too big for me. i recently got the shift leather jacket from ebay in small and it fits perfectly. in my experience their tshirts and leathers tend to run larger than they used to. i have a couple of denim shirts and jackets in medium and they are snug. 
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