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talk about super frayed jeans...... http://www.newyorkspeed.com/p-11463-diesel-jeans-belther-835k.aspx#.U8j4Go1_vkQ  i like the colour but i think all tha fraying etc is a bit too much
888p for me as well. second place would be a tie between 805A and 811P and third place for 817H. but 888p is THE best blue eyecon. EVER. in all the different shades ive seen it, its always beautiful 
i agree... i like the thavar ones and the safado, but not in safado.
"hey lets make a small patch near the crotch on this blue tepphar and call it a blue eyecon" lol  just how many blue eyecons are there this season???? 2 thavars, 1 safado, 1 tepphar and 1 krayver? 
Selling off another part of my collection as nothing fits well enough.  Tepphar 881W BNWT 31x30 - 100GBP Thavar 8X2 worn 5 times 31x30 - 80GBP SOLD - Thanaz 74K worn twice 31x30 - 80GBP   SOLD - Thavar 803U worn once 31x30 - 75GBP SOLD - Thavar 801C worn twice 31x30 - 80GBP SOLD - Thavar 881R worn 2-3 times 31x30 - 75GBP as you can see all of my jeans are in perfect condition. I will consider reasonable offers and of course i will make a better price if you buy...
hey guys, i didnt want to start a new thread just for this so here goes....ive been eyeing a pair of Acne's Adrian sneakers but i have no clue of how they fit. in converse shoes im a 41.5 in EU size. should i opt for a 41 or a 42 in the Adrians? anybody who has tried them on please let me know :) 
i think its just because more "desirable" sizes -like W29-31- in nice washes, become out of stock faster. thats why sizes like W34 or W36 stay there for a long time. also, YOOX probably gets one pair of each size or something. which means....either you pull the trigger immediately when you see the wash/size you want, orrrr.....someone else does. probably someone who is less crazy about jeans than most of us are. im saying this because a lot of us here have like 6 pairs+ ,...
great! thanks!
yeah, i told you so a few days ago its one of the best.
thank you for the reviews denim addict. the more i see 830P the more i want to put my hands on it. but im not sure if sizing down would work out. i should maybe try finding it in one size down first and try it to see, before purchasing
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