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@Denim Collector has your pair stretched so much? ive worn it 3 times so far
thanks guys! 
First night out in Barcelona Thavar 608T (the fit is kind of weird. i think i could have sized down. it might stretch more than id like it too, but i fucking love this wash) Zara top Castaner espadrilles
@denim addict man your shioners and thavars always fit you so well! 
beautiful wash. i wish i could find it in w29 l30
ure welcome. just check now and then on ebay, "allsaints shirt" thats what i look for. also make sure to ask for measurements as some shirts run large and others run small. i had bought a couple of shirts that were very tight on me and others that were bigger than id like them to be. but thats the risk for buying without trying. after a couple of shirts and always asking for measurements, you will almost always get something that fits good enough. if not, you just resell...
@denim addict i just saw your question sorry. 880i is rather think and stiff. but i got my size and it feels alright. 
@Dieselicious i almost always get those made with japanese cotton and i find them to be durable and ok in terms of quality. i buy them on ebay through auctions and i pay around 20-40 euros per shirt which is great. naturally they are used but i only bid on shirts that have been worn only a few times
@rcom440 yes the denim is heavy. what levislad said basically!  
@karacho like a boss (Y) scotch & soda floral shirt thavar 880i (managed to wear them today as it was a rainy day here in Athens) castaner espadrilles  
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