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i tried W29 on all three of them. the sleenker was the tightest and i also had to try it in 34L which is super long for me so i bet 30L will look better. but i loved the fit! like tight, but not too tight! @denim addict the fit is nice. it reminds me of 8NE both in terms of wash and fit. it had the most relaxed fit,  out of the three washes i tried.  @Denim Collector this is a great wash....its probably the first time ive seen it in real life, but in the beggining i...
very nice DC!
went to Passeig de Gracia today which is basically shopping heaven and of course stopped at the temple, the Diesel store xD i tried thavar 833Z, 833J , a sleenker of which i cannot remember the name right now, and thavar-ne 609M (all W29 except for the jogg which i tried in W28 but was very tight) . in love with all of them. and im starting to dig the fit of sleenker...    
thavar 880i
thanks guys. like Phukette said, 880i is uber tight. theres no way you can size down and be able to walk. but its one of the best light washes, if not the best, ive ever tried in both term of fits and colour
heading to the old city. Scotch & Soda polo Thavar 880i chucks as usual
@denim addict the 830R has nice details.  today i used the same outfit Phukette had used some time ago so no originality today lol Allsaints bloosmbury jacket Zara tshirt Thavar-NE 604N (the fit of this jogg is not very good, the fabric is rather thin but its one of the most detailed) Chucks
@Denim Collector has your pair stretched so much? ive worn it 3 times so far
thanks guys! 
First night out in Barcelona Thavar 608T (the fit is kind of weird. i think i could have sized down. it might stretch more than id like it too, but i fucking love this wash) Zara top Castaner espadrilles
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