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real id say
are you selling them because they are too similar to 609M ?
i havent seen either of them in real life but id say 608T is the dark version of 829B. i mean it has very similar fadings etc in the front just not dark blue/light blue but black/grey
does thavar 834F only come in 32L ?
also, your usual thavar size is W28 and for the joggs you get W26? 
they look great. how close are they to 829B? could you post a pic with them side by side?
just pulled the trigger on 828T, 608T, 830P ....will post fit pics once i receive them. more washes to come of course! so excited i get to buy jeans at my current size after selling almost all of my collection 
@chinotto73 can you post fit pics of your pair? im kinda starting to like this wash...
i can attest to what Phukette and pryv75 said....either it has been hemmed but NEVER used (you could get around 100e), or then youd be looking at 60-70e at most
i agree... but i will buy at least 2 of them i suppose
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