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wow man. fantastic purchases! 
and shioner 880W   thanks guys. well some of them have been altered to fit me cause i lost weight and they were too large, like the 600R, the 880W and a couple of others as well
ah yes, i forgot Shioner 600R :P 
damn, i love the whole hooks thing. i wish i could have my jeans displayed like that. here is mine:   im taking the opportunity to actually list the washes i have cause i never know which ones i have and which ones ive sold haha   Thavar: 888P, 880I, 829B, 816N, 830P, 811P, 8NE, 807C, 608T, 834A, 833Z    Shioner: 74Y, 805A, 801A, 817H, 8QP(incoming)   Tepphar: 820Q, 824T, 846K, 883Y, 839B(incoming)   Sleenker: 827K, 886Z, 609T, 830J, 662I   Thanaz: 73J, 8IE,...
thanks man. i tried but the shoes that i want are not included in the offer AND i didnt get the free shipping even though i was using the application. bought them anyways cause they were the last pair available :P 
thank you both but the websites dont work for me, probably because i live in europe, and the code didnt work :/
thanks guys! looking good @laisnata 
does anybody know if there are any codes available for yoox? even if its just for free shipping
  the recently acquired thanaz 73J with alexander trend shoes
i would agree with what you said man, even though i never owned a pair of slammer, but since its a limited edition, i dont think they are really aiming at a mass crowd. only a few hundred of these will be made and will most likely become sold off in no time anyways
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