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so getting that blue eyecon sleenker! 
thanks. i dont have a measure tape at the moment but when i find one, i will send you the measurements. size is W30 L30
nah, they dont really name their shirts as Allsaints do. it probably had a name like floral shirt design A or something like that
@Dieselicious i hope this helps
scotch & soda shirt thavar 880i castaner espadrilles
thanks guys. btw, does anyone know if 838v requires sizing down? im between W29-W30 but will probably get back to W29 soon, so should i get W29 or size down to W28? any advice will be appreciated! 
  allsaints shirt -dont remember the name atm but its from winter collection- thavar 834A -absolutely love it- chucks
i just tried the czech website and it works for me as well..................so tempted to buy 1-2 pairs 
@Hawk how is the fit on sleenker 662I ? did you get your usual size or did you size up/down? hows the denim, thick or light?  
thanks. the t-shirt you mean? i had seen it a while back on scotch &sodas website but was sold out and then i found it on ebay. i just wish it was Small rather than Medium as it fits kind of larger than id like it too 
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