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thanks man. i tried but the shoes that i want are not included in the offer AND i didnt get the free shipping even though i was using the application. bought them anyways cause they were the last pair available :P 
thank you both but the websites dont work for me, probably because i live in europe, and the code didnt work :/
thanks guys! looking good @laisnata 
does anybody know if there are any codes available for yoox? even if its just for free shipping
  the recently acquired thanaz 73J with alexander trend shoes
i would agree with what you said man, even though i never owned a pair of slammer, but since its a limited edition, i dont think they are really aiming at a mass crowd. only a few hundred of these will be made and will most likely become sold off in no time anyways
@Phukette i so agree with you! if they made a replica of a cool wash of Thanaz, it would sell off immediately!  
out of all the cuts, they chose to make a slammer replica -_- why not a thanaz...or a shioner...i love the wash but i hate the back pockets
exactly. as long as you feel comfortable with what you are wearing. also, there is a huge number of people who really has no idea about how to dress nicely. like, no taste at all. seriously, compared to what ive seen, both in Barcelona and here in Athens, we here are super stylish hahah 
hahaha who cares! i turned 28 and i dont really pay attention to what others say -as long as they are not making a useful remark- . lets just do our own thing and be fashionable in our own way ;) 
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