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i own 833z and id say the pair on the photos is either a fake or a bad quality real one. the backpockets are weird, the inner tag is different and the rips on the right leg are placed lower on mine than on the one in the photos. 
amazing outfit @denim addict i will most likely copy it! i think i will soon start trying Nudies
send me a message with any questions you might have or if you want to make a reasonable offer. i have used these 6-7 times and hence are in great condition. i will ship almost anywhere but shipping cost changes depending on where you live. 
these are brand new. i tried them on but did not really like the wash on me. i will ship anywhere but the shipping cost might change depending on where you live. if you have any questions just let me know, or hit me up with an offer (a reasonable one, that is) 
@zdenal_cz is that 8x2? the outfit is awesome 
awesome wash. too bad i was too late and it went out of stock
Belther 839N - W29 L30 Brand new with tags, never worn them , only tried them on once ---- 60GBP or best reasonable offer
@Hawk i stuck with my size and it fits perfectly. it is most probably the best fitting thavar i have, not loose, not skin tight, exactly as it should be. 
real pair but extremely expensive. not worth that price IMO
its probably tepphar 839B but someone else should confirm 
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