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thanks. the t-shirt you mean? i had seen it a while back on scotch &sodas website but was sold out and then i found it on ebay. i just wish it was Small rather than Medium as it fits kind of larger than id like it too 
cheers man
Scotch & Soda T-shirt Tepphar 824T John Varvatos chucks
seems like its one of the washes i will definitely get
is this still available? 
thanks man!  
weather is kinda weird here in Barcelona so today I had to wear a sweatshirt Allsaints Wilde hoodie Allsaints Tshirt Tepphar 833Y - amazing wash  Chucks
ciao, e disponibile in 29x30? 
awesome outfit man. what brand is the shirt? 
if only you could find this in w29 l30- w30 l30...
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