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@Hawk i stuck with my size and it fits perfectly. it is most probably the best fitting thavar i have, not loose, not skin tight, exactly as it should be. 
real pair but extremely expensive. not worth that price IMO
its probably tepphar 839B but someone else should confirm 
wow man. fantastic purchases! 
and shioner 880W   thanks guys. well some of them have been altered to fit me cause i lost weight and they were too large, like the 600R, the 880W and a couple of others as well
ah yes, i forgot Shioner 600R :P 
damn, i love the whole hooks thing. i wish i could have my jeans displayed like that. here is mine:   im taking the opportunity to actually list the washes i have cause i never know which ones i have and which ones ive sold haha   Thavar: 888P, 880I, 829B, 816N, 830P, 811P, 8NE, 807C, 608T, 834A, 833Z    Shioner: 74Y, 805A, 801A, 817H, 8QP(incoming)   Tepphar: 820Q, 824T, 846K, 883Y, 839B(incoming)   Sleenker: 827K, 886Z, 609T, 830J, 662I   Thanaz: 73J, 8IE,...
thanks man. i tried but the shoes that i want are not included in the offer AND i didnt get the free shipping even though i was using the application. bought them anyways cause they were the last pair available :P 
thank you both but the websites dont work for me, probably because i live in europe, and the code didnt work :/
thanks guys! looking good @laisnata 
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