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@ronlol Thank you that helps a lot! I'm interested in shioner 801a also, does it run the same size as thavar 8X2? Good night guys!
Or size 27x30 BNWT or Pre own thx
@Phukette : Nice 801c it's definitely on my list. Does it fit like thavar 8X2? @Karacho : I like the wash, does Thavar have this wash? @Baltimore : I am still thinking about your Thavar 8NE size 28x30 @Levislad : Nice light wash you have there! I like your Thavar 8W7 and your Thavar 74y! Which wash do like better? I am new on this blog, I am from Thailand and been following this blog for 1 week and I am addicted to Diesel jeans already. Sorry for bad English...
I am in Seattle.  Brand new or used are fine.  Please Pm offer Thanks   Teng
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