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Quote: Originally Posted by Lithocardia Valerian is great and totally non habit forming (herbal) but please don't throw it away if it doesn't work immediately. You must take it every night for a month before deciding if it's for you as it does take a while to become effective. As for the Xanax, it will put you to sleep but it is not a true sleeping pill. It's a sedative (benzodiazipine) and designed to calm and sedate people with anxiety or physcotic...
Stuffed up nose as of last night and sore throat this morning.
Quote: Originally Posted by CUTUP Valarian root is also a great natural sleep aid, I would stick with that or melatonin if you dont want anything habit forming Valerian works very very well, it does have a horrible taste. I believe Melatonin takes a few days to kick in.
Quote: Originally Posted by hipslikemonroe I have to agree with masturbation, however, as far as meds... dont take xanax. trust me, its one of the most addictive drugs. Very dangerous. Try camomile tea..thats always very soothing and relaxing. Then masturbate. Good luck. ps: I really like those acne pants on you. I really think that depends on the person. My friend is on it for the few times she can't sleep and she isn't addicted and...
Xanax. Dramamine works really well but I don't know how safe it is to take for more than a few days.
Very very cute^^
Quote: Originally Posted by guest2634 Yep I lost a little bit. Thanks!! Its really nice when people notice!! I've only lost about 12 pounds, but I feel WORLDS better! All my jeans are a little loose, which is better than too tight And thanks Briar for that comment!! You look really really good.
Omg, you girls are hot, very very sexy pics! I think I have those same cute panties.
Evian water lemonade Cazadores, with or without OJ.
I've made one good friend who is in college and I didn't become friends with her while on campus or in school. I'm a transfer to a 4 year university and honestly, I don't really have an interest in making friends at school. I don't have much in common with people because just about everyone I meet still parties. Just different stages of life I guess.
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