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Quote: Originally Posted by mach999 I see you haven't met my friend "reality" yet. That's the way I like it. xoxo
Quote: Originally Posted by mach999 Yeah Frostee's ok if you're into that whole "hot blonde" thing. Well, she's mine so forget it.
@ Miss B and to Frostee
Quote: Originally Posted by barbie_az and you're just to person deal out a nine incher huh
Quote: Originally Posted by camhabib Advil / Tylenol / w/e doesn't really work that well, and isn't really advised since you probably still have alcohol in your system and pain killers + alcohol is a deadly combination. That's what I've read too..I didn't realize that so many people wake up with a headache. I've never gotten one with a hangover, just a bad stomachache and I feel better after I'm able to eat.
^^Love it.
JD-I think you look even more gorgeous without any makeup. By far. Cruel Angel-Really cool outfit and hair!
JD, you look beautiful. I love the dressy skirt and strappy top. You have a reallllly nice body!!
I'm planning on buying some more socks at Old Navy and some stuff at the VS sale. That's about it.
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