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More creepiness.
Quote: Originally Posted by tomatous Bertoni tie, shirt Forever 21 vest Diesel Zatiny 88z You look sexy!
Quote: Originally Posted by SevenKid0505 PROTIP: "No, you are!" responses are never clever the first time, let alone when echoed by a second individual. Stop it. It's disgusting to make a comment like you did.
Quote: Originally Posted by SevenKid0505 You should have stepped it up in the blowjob/anal area... Disturbing. Yes, I barbie is right, I think it only works for you.
Be careful Miss B.
It's pretty bad. We have flickering lights and there are accidents everywhere and I think they put in extra CHP on the highways. A tree fell on the highway to the bigger town. I haven't seen it like this in years. The wind and rain WILL NOT STOP. Pleeeeease drive slow if you are in CA. I can't believe how many accidents I've seen today. Best of luck to west coast people.
Fate but not karma.
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