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I'm gettin' out of here and going to do my errands lol.
Quote: Originally Posted by avatar +1 for thinking I'm jealous you can make tables, and an extra +1 if I could for bringing the ho train (including your illicit Internet paramour who sent you HAWT N00DZ) to +1 you as well. You are just plain stupid.
Pretty much every birth control I've been on has caused me to gain weight. I know it's the pill, bc I actually struggle to gain weight and it's almost impossible naturally. I'm glad you switched, the high blood pressure sounds bad. Ortho lo didn't do it for me but I've heard good things about it.
I can't see who plussed and minused, I'm using firefox. Oh well!
Quote: Originally Posted by mgoose Not sure, your guess is as good as mine, any post where I had been negged she was there, a few times she was the only neg. Gosh I don't even remember negging you. I probably didn't like some of your outfits or comments. Don't take it personally...
Quote: Originally Posted by Hotpinkheels I have recently started seeing a Naturpoath to assist with weight loss and we work on my goals each week together- #5. Think Positive and keep smiling (this is the hard one lol) These are really great. You have no idea how much thinking positive can help you.
I'm thin, I've always been very thin. If I get sick and lose 5 pounds, I look terrible. I've been sick for 2 months and lost 7 pounds. All I heard was how thin I looked and blah blah blah. Ya, no kidding. Nobody asked WHY I lost weight, I didn't do it on purpose and I'm only just beginning to be able to gain it back. Then people would say, I wish I had your problem. Uhh, no you don't. My weight loss is a result of being severely ill, do you really want that? I've been...
Quote: Originally Posted by bottledregrets Thank you I think you should post! I would if any of my jeans fit!
Quote: Originally Posted by bottledregrets It has been quite some time since I posted but here it is: Safado 8GS G-Star Coat AE Flannel Love your whole outfit. Very nice.
I don't like him.
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