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I spend a lot of time on Ebay and find my stuff really cheap. I finally got my own CC and maxed it out but I will pay it down over summer. If you put the time in to find some PD on ebay, you can find it for pretty cheap. Candle wax....? ....
I don't blame you for wanting a derm to be your last option. For one, the products are expensive, they can wreck your skin even if you use them properly bc they are so harsh, and half the time they don't even work. My recommendation is Avene Diacneal. All the proactive and murad stuff doesn't work bc I think the basic ingredients are the same. Diacneal has a different one and it works well. There should be a ton of info on AF about diacneal.
Quote: Originally Posted by missD I used the Mineral Makeup and broke out like never before. I think it's because it has bismuth? Not sure, but anyway, it wasn't great on my skin Wish it was though! Your skin then probably has an allergy to bismuth. They use it in a lot of mineral makeups. I think the overall color choice and powder quality is much nicer in the Laura Mercier. Buut if you can't wear mineral makeup, then definitely stay away, LM is...
Quote: Originally Posted by lauriebell The only time I see college age girls wearing a dress like that around here is halloween. Gosh, it must be really different back east. I feel that it's more than a little ridiculous that everyone is criticizing kristen for wanting to wear this dress. It's her birthday and if she wants to wear it for whatever reason, why is everyone spewing their opinion about how bad of a dress it is. I vaguely remember...
Gosh I see plenty of college girls wearing dresses like that and going out. Much worse in fact. Didn't realize it was a big deal. I personally could never pull it off but if you can, I think that's great.
I use the oil free tinted moisturizer, concealer, and mineral makeup. Extremely good makeup. The mineral makeup is by far the best quality one I've ever tried.
Quote: Originally Posted by avatar I had one. It was audible laughter. and you need to drink less. Maybe we can all come to a compromise! ^^She is not the one that needs to drink less, that comment is misdirected.
Quote: Originally Posted by tomatous so my neg stalker is "jamieem" lol? Sock boy!!
I'm just going to say that my signature is not directed to ANY one person. In case anyone was wondering...although why anyone bothers to care is beyond me.
Quote: Originally Posted by avatar And you're a vile slut who can't stop putting passive-aggressive notes to Imhotep in your signature on multiple forums a year later - that's just as fucking sad. Maybe you should stop. That'd be lovely. Goodness, don't get your panties in a bunch deary! And kindly stay out of my personal life. It really does not involve you as much as you think.
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