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^^ That is really a great pic
Mandy, you look so cute. xoxo
Quote: Originally Posted by hipslikemonroe James.. I am a little confused with the t shirt and the scarf? Were you hot or cold? You have a good sense of humor.
My senior prom date told me over dinner that he owned a thong and wore it to school sometimes. I was sitting there trying so hard not to laugh. Men and thongs-NO.
Oh wow. I'm glad I live in CA. That's pretty dismal.
I'm really pale too. I tan occasionally and use self tanner. I'm able to use darker makeup and my circles are much easier to cover and not as obvious. Allergies and sinus infections make them much worse. No cream really works. Laura Mercier makes FABULOUS concealer.
Quote: Originally Posted by patsosu8 awww he looks like my newest addition! mine is a TERROR! lol he just got fixed and became even crazier than before! (i cant remember if ive posted pics of him yet....) I think mine(Monroe) is going to get fixed soon. The Siamese in them is what makes them crazy. Monroe gets his moments. Ours could totally be brothers, they look so much alike. The cuteness!!!
The latest addition
Quote: Originally Posted by vickaaaay TEE with that brand new camera of yours you should be taking pics of your outfits not posting pics of penisicles! Pensicles
It's up to $4. central coastal part of California.
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