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I hope these don't run big
I guess I got them, I got a confirmation and an email. I got stuck paying shipping even though I put that code in. Oh well. The checkout went pretty quickly...
Quote: Originally Posted by apryl Mike & Chris jackets run tts imo. I got mine in a size small which is typically my normal size. Keep in mind that many mike & chris styles are cut for a very fitted and cropped look, so sizing up won't do you any favors; it will just make for a funny, ill-fitted look. Feel free to pm me with any other questions! I think it must be the first styles they came out with. I couldn't even zip up a medium and I am by...
I've seen those pictures on another listing, I'm sure of it, I don't think I would bid on that one. They usually run small, the older styles did for sure, I wear a small-medium and I got a large in mine.
Wow, those are expensive.
Quote: Originally Posted by Anton Well, that doesn't mean all colognes smell the same though... Just means you have guys around you that just follow the "cool" trends and wear colognes that everyone else wears...just like the whole "every guy wears AXE body spray" in high school...moo Well, when I smell someone different, I will make sure and ask what they are wearing. For now, I guess I'm stuck inhaling A+F
Quote: Originally Posted by dizzyD99 seriously?? Regarding the men's perfume? Ya, all I smell is the overload of cologne on guys in my classes and those all seem to be variations of what I smell when I walk into A+F.
I just bought: Jivago 24k Aquolina Pink Sugar Tommy Girl Michael Kors I don't think I could name any men's perfumes, they all smell pretty much the same to me.
I find that the "karma" coming to get you is nonsense. It's all thought based on revenge and who really wants to spend their life focusing on revenge. JMO
Minika-That outfit is so cute
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